4 Best Horse Riding Cowboy Boots For Horseback Riding

Your breeches and dress boots are not going to cope up with if you want to have the best riding experience. A good pair of horse riding cowboy boots is required that all riders wear. Horse riding cowboy boots are not too grippy; these are with a smooth sole and a small heel for about 1-1.5 inches. This makes it clear that horse riding cowboy boots are way different from high heels, runners, crocs, sandals, hiking boots, etc., which are not permitted to wear during horse riding. 

Horse Riding Cowboy Boots Are Expensive Than Other Boots

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Horse riding cowboy boots are made from many different types of leather like ostrich, lizard, snake, cowhide, elephant, buffalo, crocodile that makes it an expensive pair of boots as this kind of leather is hard to procure. 

Ariat Heritage Lacer Horse Riding Cowboy Boots For Ladies 

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It is a classic western-style short boot that will be great with half chaps and on their own. If my ladies are reading this, go for these boots if you are looking for some really good pairs of horse riding cowboy boots. 

These horse-riding cowboy boots have safety heels and a back pull strap. These are comfortable, and the quality that Ariat produces can’t get beat by any other brand in English and western arenas. 

Ariat Fatbaby Horse Riding Cowboy Boots

If you are looking for something fun to add to your western outfit, then these Ariat Fatbaby horse-riding cowboy boots are yours. You will get these boots in 13 different colors along with a cool camo option. 

The comfort and stability of these horse riding cowboy boots are increased by 4LR technology. Some of these boots are particularly cushy. These come in different varieties of western patterns with bold colored uppers. 

Merrell Captiva Buckle-Down Horse Riding Cowboy Boots

These are waterproof, and you can add a spray coating that will extend the life of these horse riding cowboy boots even longer. The instep zipper is to fall for, and these horse riding cowboy boots look great with jeans as well. 

Justin Boots Stampede Horse Riding Cowboy Boots

The manufacturing company of Justin boots stampede has been making horse riding cowboy boots for more than 130 years now. The making shows through the craftsmanship and quality of these boots. 

These boots won’t break down on you as these horse riding cowboy boots are durable leather upper and rubber sole. Not only in classic brown, but they come in four other colors as well. 


The heels in the horse riding cowboy boots are for a purpose to save you and your feet from accidentally getting caught in your stirrups during a fall. While you go horse riding, make sure you have your horse riding cowboy boots.

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