7 Great Horse Riding Tips for Beginners

Horse Riding Tips for Beginners

Everyone can enjoy riding a horse. But horse riding can be challenging, and horses can be quite scary at times, especially when you grew up in the city. Thus, this feature will give you some great horse riding tips for beginners in order to improve your confidence on horseback.

Horse riding can give you a sense of fulfillment and rewarding experience as you trek the mountains alone or with your group. After all, successfully establishing a bond with your horse can provide you with more fluid movements and better reactions in the long run.

Horse Riding Tips For Beginners Main Rule: Always Greet Your Horse

Horses are living creatures too, and not a machine in which one can just jump in right away. They deserved to be respected. That’s why it is important to approach them slowly while talking to them to let the horses know that you are approaching. Also, avoid approaching the horse in its blind spots, as this can spell trouble for you.

If you’re beside them, try petting and stroking their mane gently to establish rapport with the horse. This is called horseman’s handshake. It will let the horse know that you’re asking permission to mount him. Lastly be in front of the horse as much as possible, especially when you’re still new.

Observe Proper Horse Riding Gear

Not only does it protect you from the elements, but also from injuries. A classic option is to wear jeans with leather belt that are not too tight so as to allow enough lower body movement and avoid chafing your skin with the saddle. Boots are more preferable but close-toed shoes can be enough. Avoid wearing flipflops and open footwear because it might increase the chances of slipping off on the stirrups.

Scarves, tank tops and other loose shirts are highly discouraged since it increases the chances of being tangled in worst-case scenarios. Lastly, don’t forget to wear a hat since horseback riding is weather dependent. Helmets can be optional.

Observe Proper Posture

Always stay calm even though you’re still inexperienced. Horseback riding is an active sport it’s normal that your lower back, abs, and legs are engaged. Always relax and rest each foot on the stirrup in order to have a straight and tall posture. Doing so will also help the horse feel that he’s not carrying a heavy load.

Great Horse Riding Tips for Beginners
7 Great Horse Riding Tips for Beginners

Always Be Gentle On The Reins

Handling your horse can be dependent on whether you’re learning Western or English style. The Western is where you hold the reins on one hand while the English is where you hold a rein in each hand. Just like opening a door, if you want the horse to go left, then just gently pull left. If you want to go right, then pull right. Never pull too hard or you might hurt the horse.

Pay Attention To Where You’re Going

Horse riding is just like driving a car – you should always pay attention to the road. By doing so, you’ll know what to expect. Since horses tend to get spooked easily even by a harmless plastic bag, it is important to be alert on what’s coming up ahead.

Great Horse Riding Tips for Beginners 2020
7 Great Horse Riding Tips for Beginners

Be In Rhythm With The Horse

When mounting on a horse, always be in rhythm with it. One can easily do this by just allowing him to rock side by side without resisting. If you’re too tense, the horse might also get tensed and might make you bounce and fall.

Mount And Dismount Like A Pro

Always mount with confidence. Horses can feel uneasy when you’re nervous as well. Since horses are trained to be mounted from the left, start by lifting your left foot on the stirrup. While holding the reins, propel yourself using your right leg. Be smooth and confident.

In the meantime, when dismounting a horse always be sure that you’re on complete stop. Lift both feet from the stirrups, then swing with your right leg over the horse. Don’t forget to thank the horse for giving you an unforgettable ride.

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