8 Best Horse Riding Helmet 2020

Best Horse Riding Helmet

Horse riding can be a wholesome activity for you and your family. But you can’t mount a horse unless you wear the best horse riding helmet around. If you need help on what to choose from, then this article is for you. In terms of protection and style, I’ve listed the best ones that might be worth checking.

TuffRider Starter – The Best Horse Riding Helmet Around

Made of tough materials, this helmet also be a great option. Since its ABS materials are officially certified, it can compete with other horse-riding helmets out there. The helmet’s unique feature is that it is very easy to clean, even as a whole.

It has stainless steel mesh on both sides to offer protection during falls. Its interior includes EPS shock absorbers as well. Lastly, its straps are stylish and can be worn for all seasons.

Tipperary Sportage

This horse-riding helmet is best used during night riding. Its ABS material makes it extremely durable. Whenever you fall, you can entrust your head with it. The helmet also comes with a reflective back strip to increase your visibility in the dark.

People love this helmet because of its stylish prints. The helmet has a wide variety of color options for you to choose from. Additionally, it features adjustable vents to regulate keep you cool all the time.

Ovation Deluxe

The Ovation Deluxe is one of the best horse-riding helmets out there. Its rubberized finish and meshed ventilation give this helmet more durability than standard ones. The helmet has a wide range of sizes to choose from in order to fit every wearer. Additionally, the straps which are made of leather can guarantee that your helmet is securely tucked even during the most rigorous rides.

Best Horse Riding Helmet 2020
Best Horse Riding Helmet 2020

Troxel Spirit

If you want something that is stylish, then go for Troxel Spirit. It comes with a handy dial to enable you to adjust the perfect fit. It is important to wear helmets properly to make you feel confident in your horse riding activities.

As mentioned earlier, it comes with a soft dial to enable quick helmet adjustments. A well-stabilized helmet gives comfortability to the wearer. In addition to that, its extended head allows more space for added protection. This product also includes sizes for kids.

Charles Owen

The Charles Owen helmet is known for its low-profile build. Unlike the previous, this one is made with safety as the primary reason. Its flip-up visor and multiple vents protect the wearer from different elements. It is not only stylish, but perfect for horseback riding on a hot, sunny day.

Medalist Helmet

If you want to go with something traditional, try the medalist helmet. Surprisingly, it is made of lightweight materials. It guarantees the best protection among all. Its ventilation layout allows for adequate airflow on all angles. The helmet also comes with a fast-drying lining to effectively absorb moisture. Modern riders prefer the helmet due to its traditional style. However, it is only available in color black.

Troxel Dakota

If you’re the type of person who wants to minimize direct sunlight exposure, then this helmet is for you. It is best for long hours of riding a horse. It has a very unique feature – a lengthy visor – to provide excellent protection against sunlight. The visor provides perfect shade to allow you to see your surroundings without squinting anymore.

Like most helmets, it also includes a detachable, washable liner. It is easy to dry and comfortable to every skin. Lastly, seven vents ensure that you are well-cooled.

Best Horse Riding Helmet in 2020
Best Horse Riding Helmet 2020

IRH Equi-Pro

This helmet is built with one thing in mind – maximum comfort. It features a soft and absorbent liner that helps keep out moisture and maintain your head cool, especially during hot weather. Additionally, the liner is detachable, which is perfect when you want to wash it.

This horse-riding helmet has multiple vents that allow airflow inside. Because its inexpensive, many people like it. However, it won’t give you as much protection as other brands.

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