A Brush That Is Perfect in Gently Removing the Bees from the Hive Without Even Harming Them!

Bees make their hives anywhere and everywhere they want to and this makes it very difficult to remove them. It is not wise killing the bees to remove the hives and an alternative should be considered. 

A horse hairbrush is a soft-bristled brush and it is used to remove bees from a surface in a gentle and harmless manner. The brushes are used on a small scale and not a lot of bees can be removed at once. A lot of sessions are required to finally remove all the bees. Precautions should be taken in order to avoid getting stung by bees. 

When used properly, a horse hair brush will not harm the bees during the process of removal. Instead, they ease the process and the soft bristles ensure that the bees are not tamed in the process. 

Wooden Horse Hair Brush for Beekeeping Tools

Wooden Horse Hair Brush is one of the best choices to be used as a beekeeping tool. This is because the brush is very soft and gentle and will easily remove the bees from the surface. It will be best if it is used on a few bees. This is because the brush is not very large and it wouldn’t accommodate a lot of bees at once. 

Occasionally, the brushes might come in contact with honey, and in such cases, it is advised to clean the brush. To clean it effectively, warm water should be used along with a gentle detergent. The gentle deterrent is used to prevent the brush from getting ruined easily. 

To remove the bees from a surface, the brush should be placed perpendicular to the surface. 

Purchase your Wooden Horse Hair Brush for Beekeeping Tools today.


  • Size: 8 cm (width), 40 cm (length)
  • Material: Wood, Horse Hair
  • Package includes: (1) Bee Brush
  • Model Number: Beekeeping
  • Material: Horse tale Bristles
  • style: 2 style as you choose
  • Package: 1 pcs
A close up of a tool


  • The wooden Horse Hair Brush is very easy to use. 
  • The brush is very gentle and soft, and this helps in removing the bees very gently. 
  • It is not very expensive. So, people can purchase it easily. 
  • The brush is soft so it makes sure that the bees do not get tamed. 


  • The brush is not very durable because of the fact that it is made of horsehair. 
  • It can be used only for a small number of bees. In case someone wants to remove a large number, they will have to use a bee blower instead. 


Regardless of the fact that you might be able to use this only on a small number of bees, this could be an effective product for you to use. This would be even more perfect if you are beginning to understand this cleaning process. The wooden Horse brush is easy to use and very gentle as well. People who wish to remove bees from a small area should go for this.

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