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State Line Tack, a private division of TABcom, LLC, specializes in horse-related retail outlets. Starting out as a small outfitter in Plaistow, New Hampshire during 1980, state line tack quickly became a top-notch horse specialty shop on the state line from New Hampshire to Massachusetts. A fulltime equestrian retailer, state line tack now offers a huge selection of equestrian equipment, accessories, apparel, saddles, riding apparel, grooming items, and tack. In this article you will learn what the shop has that others in the horse industry might not have.

Makes Riding More Affordable

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Although most people don’t think of state line tack as being specifically for equestrians, the fact is that many horse owners turn to them when they want to make riding more affordable. When a horse owner lives in more than one town or lives in a rural area, it can be difficult to find quality gear. Local retailers often stock only what is readily available at their own location, and the quality of the brands may not be as good as the quality found in other areas. Additionally, most retailers only carry equestrian equipment, which can be more expensive than equipment needed for riding.

State Line Tack can bring the best brands and the most up-to-date equipment to a single outlet for an affordable price. Because they are a private company, they are able to pass on the savings to customers. Instead of purchasing in different towns, they can buy all the equipment and stock it in one area. As a result, there is no local overhead to keep the business operating. Since they are a privately owned company, they don’t need any city approvals required to open their business. This gives them the freedom to operate as they see fit, increasing their profit margin along the way.

Standalone Operations


Some state line tack shops are franchises, but the majority of them are standalone operations. These stores offer quality equipment and advice to new horse lovers about caring for their animals. Many also offer free consultation to potential customers so that they can get a better idea of how to care for their horse. If a single outlet can provide such valuable information, it is likely that a single horse lover can make riding more affordable as well.

Various Riding Lessons

The selection offered by a state line tack shop is second to none. You can choose from riding lessons, tack, grooming kits and even equipment for children’s classes. You can save money by checking out the prices at a single outlet and then looking for a discount online. Many shoppers prefer the online store as they are not restricted by sales and shipping times for the single product.

Bottom Line

Horse riding in Montana is a great sport that can be enjoyed by the entire family. All levels of the sport can participate. Whether you are just starting out as a beginner or an experienced rider, there is plenty to do and see in Montanana. If you are looking for a beautiful state with challenging terrain and natural beauty, riding on a well-trained horse will allow you to accomplish both of these things. Horse riding in Montana is a natural and healthy way for family members to spend quality time together while also learning about equine naturalism and the valuable lessons that are contained in natural horsemanship.

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