An Ideal Detailing Brush for Sensitive Automobile Surfaces! Don’t Miss This Limited Offer!

If you are looking for effective cleaning products to clean both the interior and exterior of your car that removes every amount of dirt, stain, and dust on them, then this brush made out of horse hair specifically for cleaning and washing cars is just what you need. It is important that we know more about detailing the steps we use for car wash. 

Horse Hair Car Detailing Brush For Cleaning/Car Wash

Cleaning brushes made using thousands of horse hair bristles grouped into thick bundles cleans the surfaces of leather, vinyl, cloth, and plastic thoroughly but gently. Using them to clean the upholstery of your car is highly recommended due to the precision it cleans with, without damaging the leather surfaces. Using a pH-balanced leather cleaner with the horse hair brush gives more access to removing body oils and stains efficiently without needing to scrub against the surface harshly.

Let us know more about Horse Hair Car Detailing Brush For Cleaning/Car Wash.


  • Item Weight 119g
  • Item Width 6cm
  • Material Type wood and bristle
  • Special Features detailing brush
  • Item Height 5cm
  • Item Diameter 0cm
  • Item Length 14cm
  • purpose car wash
  • for detailing
  • function car wash
  • item type car accessories
  • product type car wash brush
A close up of a tool


  • Brushes made out of horse hair are extremely soft and since these hair strands are natural, excess moisture is easily absorbed and hence cleaners are distributed evenly.
  • They are durable. 
  • They are great at cleaning and dusting since dust and lint get easily caught in them.
  • They are non-abrasive.
  • They can also be used on bags and shoes apart from cars for cleaning purposes.
  • These horse hair brushes are gentle on leather, therefore, using them to clean cars, bags, or shoes will not cause any scratches or other damages to occur on it. 
  • The bristles hold water well and hence provide a good lather while washing. 
  • The angle of the brush helps clean effectively and reach spots and corners that most other brushes normally cannot, thereby not only speeding up the cleaning process but also leaves the surface polished and thoroughly cleaned.
A close up of a tool


  • Cleaning with these brushes takes time and is not a quick process.
  • It could cause hand fatigue when either used for long hours or when an excessive amount of pressure/force is exerted by the hand whilst scrubbing, cleaning, and/or washing.


Cleaning is a long and sometimes even a tiring and strenuous process that takes time and patience but these brushes make it easier and fun for you to clean up dusty and/or dirty surfaces since they all come off easily with the usage of these brushes as they do a detailed job of thoroughly cleaning the surface of any of the aforementioned surfaces as well as the upholstery of cars, therefore we recommend you to get your hands on one of these horse hair brushes if you haven’t already!

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