Best And Worst Side Of American Horse Industry

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American Horse Industry is known to all and everyone loves to be the part of it in some or other ways. I would like to add in this article that there are amazing people in this field who strive hard to admire and idolize their horses to make the industry grow and flourish. This commentary is just to bring certain things in a light that keeps on happening along with the good sides that go behind the scenes.

Sometimes, success and achievements bring out bad sides of many as money, fame, and prosperity shows them all glitters of life. Unfortunately, these things happen when people just think of their achievements and not how they strived to achieve it!

Nevertheless, this post is to let you know everything about the American Horse Industry along with its evolution.

American Horse Industry

Best and Worst Side of American Horse Industry

A national governing industry which is also known by United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) is the body that governs most of the equestrian sports in The United States of America. There are a lot of competitions that are conducted by the American Horse Industry like:

  • Reining
  • Trail
  • Saddle Seat Equitation
  • Endurance riding
  • Hunt seat equitation
  • Jumper
  • Hunter

Every year the record of each game played by all different breeds is maintained and at the end of the year they give reward to the highest scorers. The industries encourage and reward the young energetic equestrian athletes for their genuine contribution and participation in the equestrian sports.

This cannot be denied that the American Horse Industry adore their trained horses and make them the best for their desirable intentions. Industry professionals had invested a lot of time, energy, and money to gain their dominant reputation in the race of equestrian sports. In this competitive world, the American Horse Industry had successfully ascended to higher levels.

In spite of all these things, there are many unacceptable concepts in this industry that goes behind the picture. Let us have a look at them!

The Dark Side Of Horse Industry

Although being very successful in this field there are many dark sides or shady practices that go on not only in this Equestrian Industry but all such well-known industries around.

Best and Worst Side of American Horse Industry
  • Treatment with Equines: Equines are brought into the competition but are not cared for. The conduct as an equestrian fails here. Intentionally the horses are kept dehydrated so that they become lethargic at the time of riding. Horses are doped with cocaine so that they keep on crashing the next day at the time of the event or so.
  • Riders using Drugs and Alcohol in Young age: Many riders, young as well as old, are into this coward act. This conduct of equestrians is also not acceptable as this field is the most reputed and is seen in society at a larger pace. This sends an adverse message to society about the equestrian world. Some people may not bother it as it is a matter of fun and games for them.
  • Issues of Sexual Assault: This is the matter that keeps on going endlessly in almost all lines of businesses.

These are some unacceptable programs that run under the glazing and dazing world of equestrians.

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