Best Horse Riding Tips And Techniques To Make You An Expert In The Saddle

horse riding tips and techniques

Are you thinking of going horse riding for the primary time? It’s only natural to feel a touch nervous about it; in any case, you’re close to riding a comparatively large, living animal. This is often why it’s vital to be guided by an expert or a trained professional once you take up horse riding. Not only will they supply the support and reassurance that you simply got to feel safe and cozy, but they will also share useful riding tips for beginners. After all, all the experts were once beginners too, right?

Wear Proper Horse Riding Equipment

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It might be obvious, but no matter your preferred sort of riding (Western or English riding), you don’t want to end up wearing a miniskirt, shorts, or beach sandals. Long trousers and proper footwear are essential for horse riding. Any close-toed shoes will do the work, but it might be better if you’ve got a pair of low-heeled boots, quite 1-1.5 inches (2.5-4cm), to avoid your feet from slipping through the stirrups.

Greet Your Horse

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Keep in mind that your horse is a living creature, not a vehicle that you simply can control at your will. The horse could even be nervous, tired, or maybe scared to possess someone new riding him. Therefore, to determine an honest relationship from the start, greet your horse when you’re introduced to him at the ranch.

Mount Confidently

If you feel nervous, the horse may also feel it and he might become uneasy. If you select to travel on a ranch vacation, you’ll find that the horses are typically trained to be mounted on the left side. Most possibly, your guide is going to be holding your horse’s head while you’re mounting, but if that’s not the case, ask someone to try to do it so he doesn’t move.

Don’t Slouch. Stay Up Straight And Relaxed

Maybe you happened to observe the Kentucky Derby and felt excited enough to think that you simply had to hunch to ride as fast as possible just like the professional jockeys on TV. Well, confine in mind that a horse riding weekend break is all about relaxation, not at the Grand National. The simplest position to stay in control of your horse is to take a seat up straight and tall, relax your back, hold the reins gently, set a foot in each stirrup, and hold your balance to not make your horse desire he’s carrying a heavier load.

Be Gentle With The Reins

Your riding technique might depend upon which style you’re learning, English or Western. In the English style of riding, you’re holding the rein in each hand, while in Western riding you grab both reins in one hand. Whichever you select, relax your arms and never pull too hard otherwise you might hurt your horse.


Horse riding is an exciting and joyful experience to have. It requires a lot of skills and expertise to ride the horse and once you learn it you will enjoy it even much more. Using proper strategies and tips will help you to make the riding easier and safer.

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