Best Online Horse Riding Clothing and Accessories

Horse Riding Clothing and Accessories

Whether you’re a professional or an amateur are horse-riding, proper clothing must be observed to ensure safety for both you and the horse. There are many types of horse riding clothing and accessories to choose from. This feature will guide you on what to buy online.


Breeches are also called “jods,” or “jodhpurs.” These are trousers worn mainly for horseback riding. They are usually tight-fitting and ends with a snug cuff. Modern jodhpurs are made of stretchable fabric and are overall tight. But they are supportive, durable, and flexible. Breeches are usually made in blends of cotton or advanced microfibers. Both of them provide breathability and comfortability to the wearer. Some fabrics are even designed to preserve body temperature during the winter.


Equestrian tights are becoming popular among elite and casual riders alike. If you’re wondering why? It’s because they are way thinner than your average jodhpurs. That means you can get closer contact with a horse. Additionally, tights that have pull-on style gives you much better comfortability and grip.

Best Horse Riding Clothing and Accessories Highlight: Cowboy Hats

Horse Riding Clothing and Accessories Trend
Best Horse Riding Clothing and Accessories Can Buy Online

Wearing such hats defines the true North American cowboy. Not only it is worn by horse riders but also with ranch workers from many parts of the continent. It is an Old West apparel it would definitely complement your horse-riding attire. Modern ones are made from felt, fur, or sometimes leather. It is created virtually by color, and hasn’t changed since its first conception 1865.


Your horse-riding attire would not be complete without a pair of gloves. You need to add gloves because there are times that your hands will be cold, and you lose some dexterity. It also gives you better grip by providing enough traction when handling the reins.

Jodhpur boot

Jodhpur boots are also called “paddock boots.” These short boots usually end above your ankle. They are a main requirement for saddle seat riding. In addition to that, most jodhpur boots have a toe cap. Nowadays, you can have the choice to choose whether you’ll stick between the classic or the zip-on ones.

Cowboy boots

If you prefer Western style, you can pick the cowboy boots. They are usually made of pigskin, or cowhide, alligator, ostrich, or snakeskin. However, modern designs can materials such as vinyl, and synthetic leather. The quality of leather increases the boots’ price tag.

Lunging line and whip

Horse Riding Clothing and Accessories Online 2020
Best Horse Riding Clothing and Accessories Can Buy Online

Lunging lines can be used for training and elicit responses from your horse. It is usually paired with a lunge whip. The lunge whip usually directs the horse towards its destination. However, you shouldn’t lunge your horse five times a week depending on their current fitness level.  If you’re planning to acquire a lunge line through online, make sure it’s 30 to 35 feet long.

Saddle pad

The main purpose of saddle pads is to provide cushion between the horse’s back and the saddle. It helps you to protect against friction cause by constant rubbing against the horse. Additionally, it helps absorb some of the horse’s perspiration. Usually, they are made of durable washable fabric such as cotton with polyester fibers.


Belts are perfect for every equestrian outfit. Therefore, you should try to have one in your wardrobe. Usually they are made from high quality leather with a magnificent finish. Horse riding belts with bling can definitely make a statement for your daily activities.


Helmets are essential to ensure safety when riding horses, especially for the newer ones. Horse riding is like riding a motorcycle. Knowing that it is easy to fall off a horse and cause unwanted head injuries, protecting your head by wearing a riding helmet would be a smart thing to do.

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