Best racing foal around the world

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Horse racing is one of the most popular sports in the world. The sport has always been dominated by men, but now women are taking over. Women are now dominating horse racing events around the world and many of them are making sizable winnings on top horses

There are a few aspects while choosing the foal which will be the best racing horses.

1. The foal should have a good height and body skeleton

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The foal should have a good height and body skeleton. the bones should be fine and should have enough space to grow. The height and weight of the foal will decide its future in races. Normally we can assume that a good height and size will give the best stamina in races and which will help in winning competitions.

2. The head of the foal should be shaped like a wedge

The face of an adult horse is triangular, with wide-set eyes and large nostrils for fast breathing. Because the back of the racehorse’s skull is so flat, Thoroughbreds often compete with their heads in a low position, but this may have increased unsoundness and shortened their racing lives. Flat-faced animals are more likely to become injured, so the breed has gradually changed to favor less extreme conformation.

3. The hooves should be hard and durable for endurance in races

The hooves of a horse are vital because they support all of the weight put onto them, especially when the animal is standing still, so hard healthy hooves ensure that a horse can continue to move when needed. Training of young horses requires an understanding of their special hoof care needs.

4. The legs should be muscular and strong enough for endurance in races

A racehorse’s legs are one of its most vital parts. A racehorse needs to be sound because it endangers the health and safety of the horse. Racehorses are susceptible to breaking down with catastrophic injuries if they become injured, which may end their career prematurely.

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5. The bottom line should be straight or slightly inclined

The ‘underline’ or belly is where all major body organs are held. Organ function is vital for a racehorse as it will determine stamina and endurance. The belly should be rather flat but slightly inclined to hold all important organs.

6. The shoulders should be broad enough for making swift turns during races

The shoulder of a horse carries much of his weight, so strong muscling here is essential in a runner. The horse uses his shoulder muscles to lift himself from a standstill into a canter or gallop. A Thoroughbred will usually have shorter, more sloping shoulders than other breeds.

7. The muscular neck should be strong and rigid for endurance in races

A racehorse’s neck is one of its most vital parts. A racehorse neck needs to be strong because it is the part of the horse that is endurance in the races. Racehorse’s muscular neck should be strong to sustain the weight and balance during the race.

8. The gait should be balanced, free from unsoundness, and endurance in races

A good breed will have all these qualities which determine an athlete. And readers can imagine how much money is riding on a small animal. Watching the horse running in the ground and seeing its potentialities will give an idea about their life story and how they got into this race world.

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