Casual Horse Riding Clothing For Beginners

casual horse riding clothing

It might be better if you do not bring too many clothes with you, especially if you will be doing it in a place where there is no air conditioning or heating. You will just be wearing what is necessary to keep you comfortable but not enough clothes for comfort. This is so because not all competitions let the riders show off their skin especially when they are wearing clothes that are too tight or those that only cover up a certain part of the body.

You Need Light Blue Jeans

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You will definitely need light blue jeans to match the light blue uniform that the jockey wears. These are very important because this is the color that represents the official colors of the competition. If you wear something lighter than this then you might risk your chances of winning or becoming another novice in the competition. Wearing too many colors or even too many kinds of clothes may be interpreted by the spectators as you are trying to be flashy and showy. That is why it is better to stick with just a few colors to be able to avoid such problems.

Casual horse riding clothing can be bought in shops and stores near you. There are also a lot of competitions that you can join online, which feature such clothing for the jockeys. Just do not forget that you are still a professional and those who know you are the ones who should be considered when it comes to horse riding competitions.

Buying An Entire Set Of Equestrian Gears

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A good tip is to buy an entire set of equestrian gears when you are ready to compete in competitions. You can have your complete formal jockey outfit plus your boots, breeches and other accessories. This way, you will be sure that everything is included in your purchase. The sextuplets are optional but it would be a good idea if you already have them. Most competitors buy their sextuplets so that they can practice for the real thing.

Another type of clothing that is part of competitions is the jodhpurs. These are usually worn by female riders but they are not mandatory. Jodhpurs come in a variety of designs and colors, from light blue jeans to dark grey. The sextuplets can also be a part of the jodhpur and it depends on how much are you willing to spend on this apparel.

Know The Best Casual Horse Riding Clothing Brands

Some casual horse riding clothing brands that you might want to consider buying include: AltaVista, Biltong, Big Tex, Equestrian Gear, Hoofwear, Montrail and Thighmaster. Some of these brands are very popular especially among beginners. These brands provide a wide range of products for those who learn horse riding. Some of these companies are also known for making top quality jodhpurs for competition.

Now, since all these companies produce different kinds of horse riding gears, they offer different prices for their products. If you want to get something useful then you may consider buying the jodhpurs instead of the other types. You can also look for the footwear and the jodhpurs if you want to practice some advanced riding moves. They have similar designs but they are made from different materials. For competitions, you may consider buying the highest quality items because this will ensure that you will be able to use them for a long time.

Bottom Line

Apart from the basic jodhpurs and jodhpur, there are also other horse riding attires that you can try out. There are dresses made from stretch pants so that you can practice advanced horse riding moves. There are also riding suits that come in long knee length and dark grey. If you want something more casual then you can try out the light blue jeans. These are perfect if you are just going to jostle around at your first competition.

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