Changes In Horse Riding Apparel

A man riding a horse in a body of water

The history of wearing horse riding apparel began during the Middle Ages when equestrians would ride around the neighborhood and practice equestria. The main purpose for wearing horse riding apparel was to offer comfort and safety for the rider, and the horse itself could represent a fashionable fashion icon to both casual consumers and avid riders. The typical equestrian outfit sets were designed with many pieces, they were usually riding helmets/helms, riding breeches, jackets, gloves, jodhpurs and other accessories.

Early Middle Ages

A person riding a horse jumping over a fence

During the Early Middle Ages, this fashion became popular as people wore them for protection from hot sun, cold rain and other weather elements. One piece of equestrian equipment that was developed during this time period was the long-sleeved jersey dress which was originally made from linen, though more durable materials were developed for the construction of the new jerseys. In 1501, the first official dress code for the sport was developed by the then-riding royals. They banned the use of leather and instead offered horsemen and women a choice between two pieces of cloth, a top and bottom piece of cloth, both of which featured a decorative style. The new jersey dress quickly became the standard for all other equestrians, though some still wore jackets and breeches.

Another piece of equestrian equipment developed during this time period was a type of boot known as the jodphur horse riding apparel. Jodphur horse riding breeches allowed the rider to have a more comfortable fit when seated in the saddle, allowing for easier movement on the horse. Though these breeches were often dyed a dark color, eventually all were made from the same type of natural jodphur cloth. These breeches were also designed with an abundance of breathable mesh ventilation openings.

Equestrian Equipment 

A brown horse in a field

A relatively new piece of equestrian equipment was introduced during the same era as the new jersey dress: the stirrup. These stirrups are also known as “stadium pants”, and they have been around much longer than the jodphurs. They feature a zipper and elastic band along the leg, giving the rider more comfort as well as protection against the wind. These stirrups are now available in both black and brown. Although there have been many changes over the years to both the design and the function of the stirrups, they have consistently served the same purpose.

Breeches And Jackets

Other pieces of horse riding apparel like breeches and jackets have had much less change over the years. Breeches originally began as long slender straps tied in at the sides of the breeches. They were secured with either a buckle or a snap. They are still popular, but the look is a bit outdated. While it’s still possible to find riders who prefer the look of the original, modern riding apparel like breeches is much more streamlined, providing more ventilation and protection from the elements.

Summing Up

With the advancements that have been made in the horse riding apparel market, you no longer need to choose between riding pants and shirts. Both riding pants and shirts are equally practical and comfortable. The real question is which style of riding apparel will best suit your body type. To get the perfect fit, shop around and see which brands and manufacturers make the type of riding gear that fits you the best. Whether you’re buying jeans, trousers, a jacket or a breathable shirt, make sure you don’t sacrifice comfort for stylishness.

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