Choosing The Right Clothing For Riding Horse In US

clothing for riding horse in us

Especially in hot countries, having the right kind of clothing on our horse will save us from possible dehydration. It is also very helpful to prevent overheating. In the summer, your skin can easily get too hot and dry so the right clothing should always be worn.

For people who do not ride horses often, it would be best to choose lightweight pieces of clothing for us. You can use them if you are going for a long distance ride or cross-country. We can also wear them underneath our own clothes when we are doing outdoor activities such as camping. They are also convenient to use during times when you just want to relax by the poolside or have some friends around.

Horse Sellers

A brown horse in a field

When choosing the right pieces of clothing, it is important that we know what horse clothing looks like. Since we are not used to seeing such clothing, we can ask the seller if he can show us some so that we will be able to compare each one. Some horse sellers do not mind showing us their stuff especially if they think we will be buying other things from them. If we are going to buy one, we can bring along a picture with us.

There are different types of clothing available for us to wear for horseback riding in summer. The fabric should feel comfortable to wear. The right type of clothing should also allow us to move freely without any restrictions. You can choose between fabrics like cotton or microfibers, which are usually breathable. These fabrics are also great to protect us from overheating and are also easier to wash.


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Wearing cotton will make you feel more comfortable since this material allows air to come inside. Microfibers are lightweight and can also absorb moisture, so you can stay cool when wearing them. If you prefer a breathable material, another choice for you is silk, which can also insulate your body temperature while letting the wind flow through your body. You can also choose to wear gloves while wearing these clothes.

On the other hand, wool is another type of clothing that can give you the comfort you need while riding your horse. They are also breathable and can make you feel cozy. A good quality woolen shirt will also allow your skin to breathe, which will help regulate the temperature of your body. For cold days, you can opt for sweaters and coats, while for warm days, you can choose heavier-weight knitted jackets and coats.

Horse’s Needs

Aside from choosing the right clothing for riding, you also have to take into account your horse’s needs. If you are going on a ride in bad weather, it is important that you wear riding gear that will protect you from the elements. Choosing the wrong gear may cause damage to your skin or your horse’s hair.

Aside from the types of clothing that you are going to choose, it is also very important that you choose them wisely. There are some clothes that are more comfortable than others and it all depends on your own preference. 

Final Words

Your horse deserves to be comfortable while he is enjoying the beautiful scenery. So make sure that you get the right clothing for him. And if you need any help with buying the right stuff, there are also stores near you that can help you choose the best clothing for your horse.

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