Choosing The Right Kind Of Polo Horse Riding Clothing

polo horse riding clothing

When it comes to horse riding, you need the right kind of attire and protection for your safety. With the advances in technology, manufacturers have improved on this sport too. This has allowed the equestrians to enjoy more choices regarding polo horse riding clothing and equipment. The same brands that were once available only in western clothing stores are now available in many places, and the prices have come down significantly.

One of the most popular and long-lasting equestrian polo shirts is the riding shirts made with cowhide. These are very popular with polo enthusiasts because not only do they look great, but they also come at very affordable prices. They come in various sizes and colors and are also quite thick compared to regular equestrian riding apparel. You can find riding shirts for men, women, and children – all of which are made to fulfill the rider’s requirements.

Riding Jackets

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Another type of polo horse riding clothing is riding jackets. These jackets are great for warm-season riding and for keeping your horse cool during the cooler months. There is a huge selection of jackets to choose from, and most of them come in cotton or polyester. Some people prefer these kinds of horse riding clothes for their kids and would not recommend them to other people who prefer to wear regular polo shirts and jackets. But then again, these kinds of horse riding clothing are much cheaper compared to riding gear designed for riders.

Polo Shirts

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Another great choice of equestrian apparel is polo shirts. Again, these shirts are great for protection during the cold months of winter. These polo shirts are made from either wool or synthetic fibers. Wool polo shirts are generally better for mild winters, whereas synthetic fibers are more durable during harsh winters. The polo shirts made from wool are also quite comfortable, and you can sit in them for hours and still feel quite warm and cozy.

Right Kind Of Equestrian Event

The polo shirt is the most important piece of apparel during any equestrian event. The main reason for this is that it serves as a protective layer for your body against the abrasions caused by the horse’s hooves and the soil and air brought along with it during the ride. Moreover, a polo shirt can also be used as an aesthetic item. With a polo shirt, you can make the scene and look quite fashionable while riding a horse. Many riders prefer polo shirts with large prints that they think will resemble the design and style of the horses they are riding. However, some riders prefer polo shirts with small prints and a small embroidery on them so that they do not distract others’ attention on the trail.

Some riders prefer to use the traditional polo shirts made out of cotton. However, today you will find that many manufacturers make polo shirts made out of lighter materials such as polyester. Although these kinds of polo shirts may be cheaper than the cotton ones, you will find that they provide good protection against dirt, wind, and moisture. Moreover, they are usually more durable and can withstand rain, cold, and hot temperatures.

Another reason why polo shirts are so popular is that they are very comfortable to wear. The fabric of these shirts is designed so that comfort is the foremost thing considered when making polo shirts. In addition to being comfortable, these polo shirts’ breathable fabric allows your skin to breathe properly.

Final Words

If you wish to purchase polo riding equipment or clothing, you should try to find the best deal that you can. You should try to shop around online first before actually buying anything. You will find that shopping online for any clothing or equipment is usually cheaper than going to your local tack store. Furthermore, you will have the opportunity to compare the prices between various manufacturers or shops.

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