Cowboy Boots Styles And Choices

There are various kinds of cowboy boots available. Earlier, these were invented with a basic purpose. Ranch life was always tough and these boots added functional benefits to the cowboys tending to the horses. Today, these have become more of a fashionable accessory than functional. Earlier, these boots were only worn by men, but today, they have diverse styles of cowboy boots for women too. Scroll down below to know more about the various cowboy boots styles and choices.

Men still prefer to wear cowboy boots because it instantly perks up their attire and gives them oodles of confidence. But, if a person cannot carry his cowboy boots with elegance and confidence, then it is better not to wear them at all.

Cowboy Boots Styles And Choices
Cowboy Boots Styles And Choices

Different Types Of Cowboy Boots – Styles And Choices

Classic Western Boot

These boots come with a shaft that is generally 12 inches long. The overall design is quite straightforward and simple. The classic western is hugely popular and one of the most preferred styles and choices. It is also an all-around pair of Western boots.

Shortie Boot

These boots are quite short as compared to the Classic Western ones. The shaft of these boots is on an average of 6 to 10 inches in height. These are an older variation of the Wester boot and are made for practical uses. This pair is also less expensive.

Western Workboot

As the name suggests, these boots have heels at the bottom of the boots. These are mostly made by the popular Ariat company. They have modified the heels to make these boots very comfortable to wear. These are most suited for men who are on their feet working for more than 12 to 14 hours a day. The boots are comfortable, functional, and also durable.

Roper Boots

These were initially designed before the Western work boots were invented. These were most useful for the cowboys and preferred by men working in the rodeo system. These boots were light in weight and had a wider rubber sole. These were extremely agile and gave a good grip on the saddle.

Buckaroo Boots

These are very showy cowboy boots. The shaft length of these boots is higher than the classic Western style. These boots have a shaft length of 14 inches or more. The design, stitching, and the thread used is more pronounced and loud. These can draw the attention of the onlooker on the wearer and hence are more preferred by the showmen or artists.

Riding Boots

Riding boots are seen more often worn by people in English and Western riding circles. These are made without any ornamentation of their cowboy brothers. These have the same lineage too. The length of the heel of these boots and the typical shaft height make these boots very easy to notice.

Cowboy Boots Styles And Choices
Cowboy Boots Styles And Choices

Stockman Boot

These are hybrid variations for those who just want to wear boots for fashion purposes. These do resemble the work boot in function as they have a rubber sole, wider toe box, and a shorter heel. But these are more detailed and have colored stitching just like the Classic Western. These also have a deeper scallop.

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