Cowboy Hat Riding Helmet – How to Choose a Proper Western Style

cowboy hat helmet

The Always Ready to Fly (ARF) Resistol RideSafe Western Straw cowboy hat is designed for extreme wear, including all-day wear and travel. Designed with an impact-resistant polycarbonate shell and an impact-resistant polyurethane coating, the hat is impervious to punctures and will not retain water. The shell fits tightly over the original molded polyurethane bumper and also includes a low profile fiberglass neck collar and ear cups for additional comfort and protection.

Product Review

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The ultimate in motorcycle gear for a truly Texas-feel, the RideSafe Texas cowboy hat gives the rider a tough look with modern ergonomics and premium performance. Originally designed for the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) as part of their motorcyclist safety campaign, the polycarbonate outer shell is designed to withstand a significant amount of punishment. With an impact-resistant polyurethane liner and a non-skid backing plate, the hat is designed to keep the rider protected while riding for hours on end. Offering the same hard-wear performance as other polycarbonate products for motorcycle gear, this hat is an all around performer.

Product Features

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With a thick molded polyurethane shell and an impact-resistant polyurethane coating, the RideSafe Texas cowboy hat is a durable, high quality product. It is perfectly suited to wear in all kinds of conditions and is an amazing way to express your individuality and show the world that you are a true blue cowgirl! For this reason, it is often sported by women bikers and women motorcycle riders from all walks of life who want to take on the most difficult, yet gratifying challenge of riding, with pride!

The Styles

The RideSafe Texas cowboy hats come in two basic styles: Racing and classic. Each features a non-skid backing plate and a molded polyurethane shell. The racing style is designed for maximum protection under impact and offers a full-face design that easily adjusts to any face shape and riding posture for ultimate comfort. For a truly customized look, you can even have your name or initials embroidered right onto the shell.

Classic cowboy hats, on the other hand, feature a more subdued, rounded form that is more appealing to female riders. This timeless piece of headgear is comfortable for a variety of facial shapes and sizes, as well as offering the same non-skid benefits of a racing helmet. These classic cowboy hats are made out of breathable nylon for optimum airflow. These helmets also feature a removable, lace-up chin strap for easy on and off. However, for added convenience, most models offer an adjustable clapper collar that can be replaced with a leather or snap on accessory.

Looks Classic

Western riders did not just take their helmets for granted. In fact, most cowboys felt the need to make their ride more comfortable while retaining its classic structure to provide maximum protection. One way they accomplished this was by adding a non-skid pad that could be affixed to the inside of their favorite cowboy hat. These sturdy pads would resist the heat and cold, as well as provide traction on slick surfaces.

Antique In Contemporary

Today, a modern take on this classic material comes in the form of resistol. The resistor is made from the same thermoplastic rubber but has been processed to resist wear and tear. Unlike its PVC predecessor, this modern cowboy hat helmet is fully ventilated for maximum airflow and includes both the face pad and collar. Some models include a buckle closure, while others rely solely on a snap on or Velcro closure. Another modern twist on an old standby is the use of vinyl. Vinyl does not buckle, is fully waterproof, comes in a variety of colors, and can be repainted easily.

Wrapping Up

Whether you are riding casually or western style for a special event, your choice in a cowboy hat riding helmet should be based on your own personal preference. Make sure you choose something that matches your riding style and the type of rodeo you will be participating in. Then, find a high quality helmet that fits properly. Finally, enjoy the time you spend riding and protecting the cowboys who brought you all this way. Good luck and have fun!

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