Discussing the XS Horse Riding Helmet

A person riding a horse

The XS horse riding helmet was developed for equestrians in mind. The material it is constructed from will provide protection and safety to your head in the event of an accident. This type of helmet will fit snugly on your head, without making any noise when you are in motion. The mesh cover over the ears will allow your to breathe freely and keep debris and bugs out of your head.

An Overview

A man riding a horse

For the past couple of years, many injuries have been reported to horses that were riding without head protection. Horse riding is a sport that was originally created as a method of recreation for those who loved the countryside. In years past the only option was to wear a horse riding helmet that covered the entire head and was hard to remove without damaging the hair or the skin. Now there are several choices for those who enjoy the sport and want to protect their heads while still being able to enjoy the horse riding part of the activity.

XS helmets are designed to fit snugly on the head, while still providing ample protection. Many times the original soft horse riding helmets were not nearly thick enough to protect the rider’s skull. Today’s helmets are more streamlined and take the added consideration for comfort and ease of fit that the rider may wish to take into account. You will be protected from the hazards that can occur when riding and will remain comfortable while still experiencing a satisfying rush as you take to the trails.

Protective Environment

A person riding a horse

Many feel that the original hard hats provided adequate protection in an accident. Others find the original mesh hats to be uncomfortable and hinder their vision. However, the XS horse riding helmet has taken all of the complaints and problems associated with the hard hat and helmet and has provided a solution that provides superior protection. The hard hat no longer needs to be removed and it is securely fit over the top of the helmet to ensure your safety while wearing it.

The modern XS helmets offer superior protection against impact as well as heat and moisture. This can often make a big difference on the trail as wind, stones, and other impacts can take their toll quickly and leave your head feeling extremely raw. The new hard hats are made of breathable mesh that allows air to circulate over the head and face ensuring total comfort and protection. These helmets offer many advantages over the older style and are recommended for anyone who enjoys riding, yet would like to take the necessary precautions to ensure their safety.

Varieties To Consider 

You’ll find that there are many colors to choose from as well as the style of the helmet. No longer do you have to settle for the traditional black helmet that offers little in the way of protection. While black is still available, many are opting for the brighter, more colorful models that offer superior visibility. The added visual appeal of riding with brighter colors may make a rider feel more comfortable when on the trail, as bright colors don’t shout “don’t do that!” as loudly as some past styles.

A good thing about these newer XS models is that they offer the traditional hard hat and visor in addition to the new hard hat that fits much better and offers greater coverage. Many riders also prefer the ease of changing from the traditional hard hat to the newer visor. Simply remove the visor and snap it on or off as needed. Another added benefit is the fact that the hard hat is now much easier to clean and maintain. Simply wash and dry using the proper equipment.


If you are ready to take your equestrian safety to the next level, consider an Xs horse riding helmet. These helmets meet the highest standards available in every market and provide superior protection. Many professional equestrians agree that these newer versions offer even better protection than the older styles. Don’t let your head become another injury statistic. Don’t wait until another tragedy occurs before you protect yourself.

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