Factors To Consider Before Choosing Your Pink Horse Riding Helmet

Pink Horse Riding Helmet

Horse riding is as fun as it’s dangerous. Upper parts of your body is mostly prone to injuries from horse riding, one of them being your head. So how do you prevent head injuries when you ride? Horse riding helmets to the rescue.

Helmets may be uncomfortable to wear, they may obstruct your vision, or even make your head heat up. But as we all know, safety is the most important and we should prioritize that. Sacrificing a little comfort for more safety shouldn’t be an option.

Numerous horse riding helmets exist in the market. They vary in materials used, quality, shapes, and even color. We discuss some factors to consider before choosing your pink horse riding helmet.

Exterior Layer Material

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The right material offers more protection. The exterior layer of your horse riding helmet is very crucial. This layer is the first to come in contact with objects when you fall. It also is the layer that protects your head from a fall’s impact. No matter what type of horse riding helmet you decide on, you should take note of the exterior layer.

Helmets with an exterior layer made out of plastic or fiberglass are recommended. As well as the plastic or fiberglass material absorbing the impact of a blow, these materials also distribute it evenly through the helmet. Even distribution is a crucial factor.

Internal Padding

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For comfort and adequate cushioning, you should take note of the helmet’s internal padding. A good padding prioritises your comfort. It cushions your head well, preventing you from feeling the hard surface of the helmet. Though equestrian helmets leave out the internal padding, you’ll generally feel more safe riding with helmets with adequate padding. When you start to feel the hard surface of the helmet against your head, you probably should change that helmet.

Fabric Lining

An ideal fabric lining keeps your helmet’s exterior layer together with the internal padding. This lining generally holds the helmet intact and together. Get a helmet with a strong fabric lining. When you feel the lining starting to go weak, it’s time to replace that helmet.

Polystyrene Liner

The polystyrene liner contains minute beads. The beads absorb the energy produced during any impact; energy that may cause serious damage to the skull, or even brain, if not properly absorbed. Polystyrene lining keeps your head protected if you fall accidentally.

Cool-On Lining

You should also check out the cool-on lining before getting a house riding helmet. This lining absorbs moisture away from your head. It prevents the accumulation of sweat, which otherwise may prove uncomfortable. It is removable, and therefore washable.

You should also make sure that the helmet fits you perfectly. Getting an helmet which isn’t your size will prove uncomfortable. You should prioritize getting a light helmet which offers adequate protection. Also, the ventilation holes shouldn’t be too big or too small.


Available horse riding helmets vary in various ways. So, how do you get the best helmet from the numerous ones in the market. Hence, we discuss the factors to consider before choosing that pink horse riding helmet.

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