Find Out Everything About the Exotic Akhal Teke

akhal tekkiner

Akhal tekkiner is a breed of a light horse race. It is a rare breed. The national Iranian breeds are one of the few horses in the world that have almost natural hoof care because they live on a large, open plateau where they can run for miles at a time with no shoes and no problem.

It has been said that this breed shines best after being used as a riding horse. They do not thrive if not working.

Akhal tekkiner horses have this strange, metallic sheen to them. It comes from an oily secretion that coats their hair and is only washed out by water after the horse has bathed! Their mane and tail also reflect light, so they may appear to be glowing.

Where did they come from?

To understand the origins of the Akhal-Teke breed, we must first learn about Turkmenistan. It is where they are indigenous to today. However, their ancestors were brought over 2000 years ago by Alexander the Great during his conquest of Persia! Since then, they have been bred in Turkmenistan and parts of Kazakhstan.

The Akhal tekkiner is so valuable that the Russian Tsars would give them as presents to favored armies! This breed was also used by African tribes to pull their chariots, even though it was never bred for heavy hauling.

Today, this breed is used mainly for endurance racing and show jumping.

Why was it named the exotic Akhal Tekkiner?

The exotic Akhal-Teke because it originated in Turkmenistan. It is also referred to as the “golden horse” because of its metallic sheen.

Another popular myth about this breed is that they are the only horses with natural lipstick! Because of their oily hair, it makes their lips shine a bright red color when you look at them from a distance!

In Turkmenistan, these horses aren’t admired for their beauty. They were even celebrated for their affectionate temperament and intelligence. Some people believe that Akhal tekkiner horses are the only breed that can truly understand human speech!

What’s so special about them?

The horses of this breed are fast and intelligent. They have a very smooth gallop, even at top speeds!

Another thing about this breed is that they do not need much care. The only time that requires any attention is after they have been bathed. The oily secretion in hair will make their coats shiny if it is allowed to sit for too long.

As far as food goes, they thrive on very little! Their source of sustenance should be hay. If you were to feed them grain, they would become overweight quickly!

How much do these horses cost?

The price of an Akhal-Teke varies and depends on the following:

Age: younger horses tend to go for more money than older ones

Body: a horse with a larger build will cost more

Bloodline: certain bloodlines are better or worse than others

Pedigree/papers: some owners will pay more for papers, whereas others will pay more for a pedigree without papers

The price can also change depending on whether or not you purchase a horse from the Russian Federation, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, or Iran. There are even some regions where horses are cheaper. For example, in Uzbekistan and Tajikistan, they tend to be cheap!

If you were to purchase a young and unproven Akhal-Teke, you would be looking at spending around USD 8,000. If the horse is proven and comes with papers/pedigree, then you may end up paying as much as $100,000 for it!

It is a very unique breed, especially with its metallic sheen. And for you to take full advantage of owning such an animal, make sure that you study up on the Akhal-Teke breed. You don’t want to abuse this horse, but instead, give it the life that it deserves!

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