First Time Horse Riding Tips You Should Check Out Now

If you are thinking of riding a horse for the first time, it is normal to feel nervous. If you rode a horse for the first time, you would need some expert advice and tips for a smooth ride. It will provide you support, reassurance, and it will help you feel safe and comfortable. It will help you build your horse riding skills and help you feel more confident while riding. Riding a horse can be quite difficult and could even lead to injuries if you are not careful. Here are some first time horse riding tips to help you get through it.

First Time Horse Riding Tips – Wear Proper Horse Riding Equipment

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When you are riding a horse, you must know what to wear. You can not just wear whatever clothes you want to, whichever style of riding you might prefer, either western or English. Appropriate clothing for horse riding is long pants with proper footwear. The shoes you wear should be close-toed and low heeled, not more than 1 or 1.5 inches. Avoid carrying a purse, wearing a scarf, or any other accessories as it could get tangled in reins, saddle, or bushes. And always wear a helmet. These first time horse riding tips are the ones you must keep in your mind.

Be Confident

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Don’t be nervous, even though the situation might make you feel nervous but try to be cool. Because if you get nervous, your horse can feel it, and it can lead to an uneasy ride. If it is your first ride, ask help from an expert to hold the horse for you or ride it with you for the first time. It will help you to calm down. Try to move as smoothly as possible. Do not push the horse down with your arms. This could hurt the horse. Follow these kinds of first time horse riding tips to feel more confident.

First Time Horse Riding Tips – Be Gentle With The Reins

Riding techniques depend on the type of style you are going for. For English ride, you would take the rein in each hand, and for western, grab both reins in one hand. But regardless of your style, you should always hold the reins gently. Be more relaxed and don’t pull so hard, or it will hurt the horse. Try not to raise the reins over your shoulder. If you are gentle with the horse, the horse will be gentle with you. This is one of the most important first time horse riding tips.


Horse riding might sound a bit hard to do, but if you keep these first time horse riding tips in mind so you can enjoy a smooth ride. In fact, these tips can be of help even if you are not writing for the first time and if you have had your experience. If you would like to go on a smooth ride next time, you should be using these steps to make sure to rectify your posture and increase your speed eventually.

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