Guide To Choosing Kids Horse Riding Boots

kid horse riding boots

If this is the year you want your Kid to experience the saddle for the very first time, then you need to make sure he has the right Kid’s horse riding boots as footwear is the essential thing before you get in the saddle. Many times it is a hard task to know what will work best for your Kid until you are obvious of the fact that something is not at all working. This blog will help you in saving the headache associated with the Kid’s horse riding boots shopping. You will find several tips that will help you find the Kid’s horse riding boots the easiest way.

Tips Before Shopping The Kids Horse Riding Boots

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Riding boots for kids need to be super comfortable to wear in and out of the saddle, along with a grippy sole, which is made of a hard wearing material. You should opt for leather shoes than PVC material shoes as it offers more breathability. Also, boots play a huge role in offering better control of legs.

You need to see that your Kid needs an English or western style of riding boots. Before you go out shopping, find out in detail about both types of shoes.

Heels are important in any boot type for more safety. You should opt for a boot type that has at least one-inch tall heels.

Comfort along with style is what keeps a kid happy, as you should shop the boot that even looks super cool.

Generally, kids wear paddock boots or short boots while riding the saddle.

You should also consider the waterproof feature while shopping for the kids’ horse riding boots because a long puddle after heavy rain will seem to be super inviting and exciting.

Some kids love sparkles and bling boots, while some opt for traditional style horse riding boots. Well, you can opt for the right one according to your Kid’s choice as options are everywhere.

Opt for the horse riding boots where even your child can fit if he grows. Choose not so tight yet not so loose size as the horse riding boots are even expensive. Make sure you do not choose a very big size that could cause your Kid any injury.

Make sure you choose the horse riding boots that are of high quality, as the cheaper ones will surely get worn out super soon. If you invest your money on high-quality boots, then you are saving a lot of your money by not investing again and again on cheaper quality boots.

If it is possible for you, then you must shop kids horse riding boots in person. You should take your Kid along with you and get him to try the pair of boots by walking in them. Comfort is the first priority, and if your Kid is not at all comfortable in the pair of boots he is wearing, then he will surely let you know.


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Choosing the Kid’s horse riding boots is not an easy task, but all you need is to observe several features before you shop the one for your Kid.

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