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Horse Harness: LED Light

Horse Harness with LED Light To Help Your Horse

Horse riding is thrilling; it’s a whole experience in is own. When you ride the horse for the first time, there’s a feeling of joy and accomplishment. You feel like you achieve something. Riding a horse could be difficult at the start, but with time and practice, you will know how to ride a horse like a real king. Today we are going to talk about one of our products which will help you ride the horse in a much better way when the lights are out. Today, we have for you is the horse harness with the LED light to help you ride in the dark comfortably, so you don’t get lost at night.

Horse Harness with LED Light To Help Your HorseHorse Harness with LED Light To Help Your Horse
Horse Harness with LED Light To Help Your Horse

One more thing, whatever happens, don’t ever treat the horse in the wrong way. Horses are very proud animals. It would be best if you made a trust bond with them first before you ride them.

What Is A Horse Harness?

A harness is a piece of essential equipment that you can buy for your horse riding. It is necessary for both riders and the horse. Most of the harness are made, keeping in mind the comfort of the horse. If your horse doesn’t feel comfortable, thus, your horse won’t be working with his full potential. Also, you need to have a proper harness that gives your horse the support and the protection he needs. A make-do harness won’t be useful in the long run, and you could injure your horse by using it.

Our horse harness is a bit different. Yes, it does provide all the necessities and the facilities that a horse requires from it. In addition to this, it also gives your horse light, which your horse needs during the night. With this on your horse, you can quickly identify which horse is out in the dark and can quickly move him to his stable. 

These harnesses are made from Nylon. And have more than 50 hours of battery. Furthermore, there are three lights installed on it. And you can decide the color in which they lit up. The weight of the harness is less than 0.5 Kgs. and the size is adjustable, so even if you have a young horse that is still in his growing stage, you can buy them one and use it even when he becomes a fully grown horse.

How To Harness Properly 

First, you need to fasten the collar. Don’t worry, and it is padded fully so your horse won’t feel pressured. 

Secondly, if you are pulling a light cart with not much on it, you can only use a breast strap of the harness to make it pull by your horse. 

Horse Harness with LED Light To Help Your Horse
Horse Harness with LED Light To Help Your Horse

Likewise, once it is in the place, you need to put the saddle around the horse’s body. So you can ride and help them guide the path. It would help if you were careful with the tail of the horse. You need gently touch it and move it upwards to place the saddle in its proper place and lock it.

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