Horse Riding Equipment You Need

Horse riding is a very enjoyable sport which also helps you to stay fit in the long run. And for this purpose, you need some important horse riding equipment.

Horse Riding Equipment For The Rider

Riding Pants

The most important attire while riding a horse is riding pants. Riding pants are not only a style statement for the rider; it is also a protective shield for him or her. Riding pants must protect the different parts of the leg e.g. thigh, knee. Riding pants also protect the lower part of the rider’s leg. And it is necessary to wear it while riding.

Paddle Boots Or Tall Boots

Paddle boots or tall boots are important for horse riding. These boots must be high enough to prevent the friction of the saddle. Otherwise, the leather of the saddle creates a problem on your foot.


Weather is a variable factor when riding a horse. Too cold or too hot weather makes it difficult to hold the lead rope. In cold weather, you cannot grip a lead rope well enough. Similarly, in hot weather, your palm becomes sweaty enough to slip the rope. So, wearing gloves can help you the circulation in your hands in cold weather and negate the sweat problem in summer.

Horse Riding Equipment You Need
Horse Riding Equipment You Need

Helmet & Safety Vest – Safety Equipment

These safety equipment are equally important to ensure your safety on a horse ride. Helmet ensures to negate the head injury you can have while falling from a horse. A safety vest also ensures to negate other injuries along the chest if you fall from the horse.

Horse Riding Equipment For The Horse


One of the most important pieces of equipment for horse riding is a halter. Halters are useful to hold and lead the horse while riding on it. You need an adjustable halter for your horse; otherwise, it is unsafe to have.

Lead rope

The lead rope is an important equipment for riding, which is integrally associated with a halter. Lead rope usually helps to control the horse, allowing a safe distance between the ride and the horse.

Saddle – Most Important Horse Riding Equipment

The most important equipment while riding a horse is a saddle. The rider must feel comfortable while riding. Otherwise, an accident can occur anytime. The saddle is supportive equipment to adjust the weight of the rider. The equestrian saddle is the most common saddle that is used by a rider.

Horse Riding Equipment You Need
Horse Riding Equipment You Need

Saddle Pad

It is very important for a rider not to cause any harm or irritation on the horse. If a horse feels uncomfortable, it can turn into a fatal accident at any moment. Sometimes, the material of the saddle cause problem for the horse. So, to protect the back of the horse from it, you need a saddle pad. Additionally, it helps the horse to stay dry and also nullifies the impact of the saddle.


To make the saddle steady a horse rider needs a girth. Every girth has some number of buckles to tie the saddle. A girth must have the right balance to be tight and also non-irritating for the horse.

Bit, Bridle And Reins – Important Riding Equipment

Bit, bridle, and reins – all the equipment functions together on a horse. The bit-part fits into the mouth of the horse which ensures the controlling while riding.

Bridle and reins work as the extended part for controlling the horse. You can also control its speed and direction.

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