Horse Riding Helmets- Factors To Consider

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If you are going horse riding for the first time, you should be prepared with all the equipment that comes with it. It is an adventure sports for you and your kids, and safety is essential. An important things that you would need to choose is the helmet you wear to stay safe without any injuries. If you are new to this dimension, we will help you because the helmet you should choose will be based on the skill level you have. You can secure your choice according to the level of comfort and ventilation, and it should meet all the current standards. 

Skill Level

A man riding a horse

If you want to get your horse ready all by yourself and do not need help with riding, you should try to get the helmet with an effective ventilation system. You should be ready for the comfort factor, and there should be proper foam padding to add to it. It is an essential that if you are a complete beginner, it should be an easily adjustable helmet that will fit you. These helmets come with a small dial at the back so that adjustment of the helmets becomes easier. 


A person riding a horse in the dirt

Whenever you are choosing a horse riding helmet, think about whether the weather is warm or cold. You need to understand that sweating will come quickly, and you need more ventilation for greater comfort. Image of the helmet you should check whether there are front and back ventilation zones and ventilation channels. In some of the helmets, you will also be able to find a ventilated net protector, and it will help in circulating air. 


The fitting of the helmet should be very comfortable, and you should choose a model that will cover your head completely. It should not be any problem between the head and the sides of the helmet, and it should not be too tight. Also, it should stay in place whenever you are moving your head. 

Make sure that the helmet is not covering your area, and it should end at a gap of a few centimeters above the eyebrows. The chin strap should feel comfortable, and it should not slip over. Also, you should not feel any constraints whenever you are moving your neck. 

Choosing The Right Size Is Important

Helmets can be adjustable or of a single size, but you have to make sure that the measurements are available according to the size guide on the helmet’s web page. They come in all sorts of sizes like small, medium, and large, and you can increase or decrease it to 4 cm. If you are an occasional rider and have several family members who want to go horse riding, you should go for the flexible option. 

Bottom Note

Now that you know about the various horse riding helmets and how to choose the best one, why not go ahead and make a great deal of purchase.

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