Horse Riding Jumping Tips – Essential Horse Riding Tips

horse riding jumping tips

Jumping off of a horse isn’t as easy as it looks but with the right knowledge you can be a lot more successful. Jumping is one of the most fundamental aspects of good horsemanship and riding. If you don’t jump, you won’t learn how to ride the horse properly.

So What Are Some Good Horse Riding, Jumping Tips?

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In my opinion, the first tip is to have patience. This is very important. You need to know that sometimes your horse will be a bit stubborn or may not want to go on the jump. Patience is very important when trying to teach your horse new skills. Try not to get upset and don’t jump on your horse unless you know for sure that he wants to go.

When you decide that your horse is ready to jump, you need to get him/her on the jump. The way to do this is to get your horse to a trot and to move forward at the same time. When your horse starts to move forward, you need to stop and wait for him to slow down. Your horse should be able to move in three steps (two steps forward and one step backward). After your horse slows down a bit, you can begin your jump.

Another important factor is to make sure your horse is comfortable with the jump. Many horses jump only because their people told them to do so. So, try asking your horse if he/she is ready to jump. If your horse balks, try to reason with him/her that jumping will help develop their strength and confidence. If your horse balks, simply ignore your horse.

Walk Away And Try Again Another Day

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If your horse balks, try not to force the issue. Simply walk away and try again another day. If your horse balks after a few attempts, or if the third time around your horse balks, you may need to try something a little more drastic. You can try to harness your horse for safety. This may not solve your problem.

In order to develop your jumping skills, you need to work with your horse. So, you are going to want to spend time on the trail with your horse and work with him or her to get used to the distance, how far you can go before getting tired, and other factors. Also, try to build up your stamina before trying any new jump distances. When your stamina is good, you will have no problems getting your horse over jumps very quickly.

Take Some Basic Courses For Safety

Before you even try any jump distances, you will want to take some basic courses for safety. Make sure that everyone in your group understands the rules. Then, you will want to take your horse for a ride and let him/her get used to the equipment. You should also let your horse relax for a bit before you ever try to teach him/her any jumps.


There is one last piece of horse riding, jumping tips to remember: keep it fun. Jumping does not have to be an injury waiting to happen! So, enjoy your horse and do not be afraid to let them have a little fun. After all, they love to have fun and jumping on a horse can give them just that. Remember to always have a positive attitude when riding your horse, and you will be sure to have a safe and fun ride.

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