How To Choose A Good Toddler Horse Riding Helmet

toddler horse riding helmet

Children are becoming interested in toddler horse toys because they are safe, fun, and educational. There are a number of styles of riding toys on the market today that are geared towards younger children. This includes everything from the old-time “pony rides” of the 1970s to the technologically advanced rides of today such as “Equestrian” or “Millionaire” games. In fact, if you take a look around at some of the riding toys for kids, you will notice a wide range of types.

Understand The Need

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While your child may love riding on ponies, a toddler horse riding helmet can provide him with the protection he needs. Many riding enthusiasts recommend that a toddler helmet be used even on watered down trails or over open hills. Even though a toddler’s head is relatively small, a helmet will provide him with the protection he needs. The following article will discuss the safety benefits of using a toddler helmet.

Many people mistakenly think that toddler horse riding helmets are only useful for those who ride rough-and-tumble over open fields or who participate in competitive events. While it is true that these helmets might not prevent a child from being seriously hurt, they can greatly reduce the possibility of serious head injury or death. These specialized toddler horse riding hats also do an excellent job of keeping dirt and debris out of your child’s eyes. These specialized horse riding hats also have the added benefit of being a great conversation piece!

The Quality Matters

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As a parent, one of the biggest decisions you will make is what type of riding lessons your toddler will get. Depending on his interests and skill level, there are a number of different types of lessons available, including lessons in basic skills like dressage and agility. As your child gets older, he might even be interested in lessons that focus on Western riding or Western music.

If you are not sure what your toddler will enjoy learning, start by checking local coops and farms where the horses are being ridden. You might be able to find a trail of some sort leading off to the riding grounds. This gives you an opportunity to see how the horses are being trained. Some horses require more physical contact than others and, depending on his interests, your toddler might be happy to spend time running alongside them and getting around horses. If he shows an interest in the training of the horses, you can ask if he can try out riding one of the horses.

Ride Safely

There are also many places where your toddler can safely ride without harm. Many coops and farms have small pony stables where toddlers and their families can safely spend time. The only precaution you should take when bringing your toddler on a ride is to make sure the stable owner has secured the area. Some animals are known to attack toddlers, so you should always be careful around horses.

If you are planning on taking your toddler to a stable to ride, you may want to invest in a good pair of horse riding boots. These protect the feet and the legs in case of a fall. They also prevent your toddler’s shoes from being crushed in the stirrups. To find TV shows with animals riding, search for the words: “horse riding”, “stabling” and “teens”.


If you are concerned about head trauma, there are helmets available made especially for toddler sizes. The smallest size is infant, with toddler sizes going up to twenty-eight pounds. Helmets are often color-coordinated with jockey shirts and the half chaps. Your toddler will love these helmets and they can help to prevent head injuries. Even if you are not worried, you should consider purchasing a helmet for yourself, as well, to make sure your toddler is safe.

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