How to Choose a Perfect Man Horse Riding Boots

man horse riding boots

If you are a horse riding enthusiast and plan to ride Western riding soon, one of the pieces of gear that you will want to invest in is a set of man-horse riding boots. You will need them for protection, comfort and safety. Horse riding boots come in several styles, sizes and types. Below you will find information that will help you choose the right kind of riding boot for your needs.

First, there is the style. There are man, woman and child’s boots available. Style is a personal preference and there are as many choices as there are boots. In addition to style, you will want to determine protection needs. In the case of Western riding, you will be protecting the lower legs from saddle slings, dirt and debris kicked up by the horse. A lower leg injury can take several weeks to heal and severely limit an activity that would otherwise be easily recoverable.

An Overview

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Another important factor in style is the type of sole. Different books have different sole designs. Nylon and leather soles are the most common. Leather is a more desirable sole because of its durability and supple texture.

Protection is also a consideration. Are you looking for just the lower portion of the boot to protect the ankle from blows or debris? Or do you want the entire calf and shin protected? While Western boots do not typically suffer as much wear and tear as equestrian boots designed for riding and competition, protection is an important factor.

The thickness of a pair of boots can vary considerably. Thicker boots provide extra support and stability, especially to the lower legs. Thickness between the toes and the end of a boot is another factor that can vary greatly among various man horse riding boots.

Horse Riding Boots Facts

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How is traction evaluated? It is not uncommon for boots to have treads or grooves. These provide extra traction on soft grounds or bare surfaces. They may be solid or divided into strips. These allow for different degrees of grip and protection depending on where they are used.

A third consideration is appearance. How attractive are the boots? Man equestrian boots come in all types of colors and designs. They are made from leather, canvas or a combination of these materials and are often decorated with decorative motifs.

A final consideration should be price. Boots can range in price substantially. They can be inexpensive man horse riding gear or quite costly. When buying man horse riding equipment, try to get the best possible deal you can. A good pair of riding boots can improve the rider’s performance and make the experience more enjoyable for everyone.

A final consideration for purchasing boots is how much protection they offer. A general rule of thumb is that the larger the boot, the more protection it offers. This means a tall rider can get a boot that is at least one size larger than his foot length. In addition, boots with protective insoles are also recommended. These allow for better support and comfort throughout the day while riding.

So how do you choose the right boots? First, consider the type of riding you will be doing. This will help you decide what style of riding will work best for you. For example, Western riding uses heavier leather and larger boots. Eventing and dressage both use thinner leather and boots.

In The End

Finally, take into account price. Man horse riding boots can be expensive. They can range from a few hundred dollars to about a thousand. This is especially true if you choose to buy them from a well-known manufacturer. However, you can often find good deals if you shop around.

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