How to Choose Tall Horse Riding Boots

Tall Horse Riding Boots

For the most part, tall horse riding boots are available in leather and canvas. While the former is a much more durable material, both can be sturdy enough to protect a horse’s feet. If a horse is a high-strung and athletic animal, it is best to go with the leather material.

However, even good leather boots will not offer much protection for the lower limbs of a horse, which may be the first place that a horse will suffer an injury. Leather is also heavy on the horse’s hooves, causing discomfort while walking and leading. Even the most athletic horse riding boots will not offer adequate protection for a horse’s lower legs when on a long distance trip.

An alternative is to buy a pair of canvas riding boots, which are much lighter and more comfortable than the leather variety. A canvas boot will allow a horse’s lower legs to move more freely. However, they may not be as flexible or as comfortable as a leather shoe.

Comparison Of Canvas Boots & Leather Boots

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Many people feel that canvas boots are a waste of money, especially when compared to leather boots. This is because the canvas is a cheaper material, so it will take longer to break in and be worn out quicker. A horse’s hooves will also take a much longer time to break in canvas boots than leather ones. While a horse’s hooves may take a while to break in when used for riding, their lower limbs will be ready to take the rigors of a long distance trip in just a few days.

A good rule of thumb is to choose a riding shoe that is a little bit less than 2 times the length of your horse’s hind legs. For example, if your horse’s legs are at least 16 inches long, then you would want to choose a shoe that is between two to four inches wider than its length.

Good Rule Of Thumb

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When you are choosing a canvas shoe, you want to make sure that it fits properly. In addition, it is important that your canvas boots have enough room for your horse’s toes to flex. A good rule of thumb is to choose a shoe that has a two inch allowance for your horse’s toes to move freely.

Another point that you need to consider when buying tall boots is the ability of the shoe to provide a comfortable fit over the horse’s feet. This will not only be important for comfort, but will also affect the speed at which your horse walks on the saddle.

Factor To Consider

Another important factor to consider is the ability of your shoes to grip the ground and prevent the horse from slipping. To determine this, you should find a pair of boots that features metal spikes in the soles. Some boots feature buckles, but others do not.

You will also want to ensure that the boots you choose to have laces that are long enough. The reason is that many riding boots can get caught in fences and other obstacles. Longer laces will give you the best chance of keeping your feet free from damage.

If you plan on using your boots for a long time, you may want to consider purchasing a pair with a heel cup. so that they will sit higher on the horse’s leg. A good way to do this is to purchase two separate pairs of shoes so that one will come with the heel cup and the other will go straight up to the front of the horse’s hind legs.

Wrapping Up

Although you may have plenty of riding shoes in the closet, you may not be certain what you need and want for your new riding shoes. It is important that you think through the different aspects of horse riding shoes before making any purchase.

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