How To Choose The Best English Riding Boots For You

English Horse Riding Boots

Luckily, there are a number of things you can do to avoid making the same mistake as other horse owners. Fortunately, buying a poor quality pair of shoe is also going to turn out to be an expensive affair in the end.

Read The Subject First

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One of the best ways of finding the right pair of English riding boots is by reading up on the subject first. There’s no need to go out and purchase an entire set of boots that you’ll only wear once or twice before they begin to lose their appeal. A good place to start is by checking out the internet. Here, you’ll find hundreds of sites offering English riding boot selections and even some advice on which pairs of shoes to choose.

For those who prefer to shop at brick and mortar stores, there are also a few online stores you can check out. There’s no need to worry about getting into any kind of trouble by purchasing online, because most companies are reputable enough to avoid getting into trouble in any way. Once again, it is important to read the reviews left by customers in order to get a good idea about how reliable the store is.

Never Force Your Horse To Wear Riding Boots

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While it is often considered good etiquette to allow your horse to wear their boots, this isn’t necessarily the case. You should never force your horse to wear their riding boots, even if the boots have been altered to fit him perfectly. The reason for this is that the boots can cause the horse great discomfort. It’s best to let the horse have his own personal space where he can take advantage of his own personal space, which is something he will never feel comfortable doing with other people trying to force him into an uncomfortable situation.

If you decide to get an alteration to fit your horse properly, you should always make sure that the alteration is done to fit both the padding and the leather of the riding boots themselves. If the leather has been cut too short in any way, the boots will feel uncomfortable. If the leather has been cut too long, you’ll find that the boots are also going to begin to fall apart after only a few hours of wear.

Get A Full Refund

It’s also a good idea to always get a full refund when you get a shoe that doesn’t fit as well as you thought you did when you initially ordered them. In most cases, you won’t be able to return these boots back to the store you bought them from, but many stores allow you to exchange them for a different size. If you aren’t able to, then you can always send the boots back with your original size and ask for a refund.

Bottom Line

It’s also a good idea to purchase your shoes at a time when you are not likely to be using them. Buying shoes when you’re wearing riding regularly can cause them to become stiff or damaged because you’re more likely to accidentally slip. They should last a long time when they’re kept in a soft condition of mind and in a position where they’re rarely being used.

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