How To Ride A Horse For The Very First Time

How To Ride a Horse For The Very First Time?

Are you about to ride a horse for the very first time in your life? In that case, you might be feeling fearful or anxious. For anyone who rides any animal for the first time, it is like giving a tough exam. It is not easy to ride on any animal without knowing the technicalities and minor details associated. It is thus better that you know some details about the riding as well as the horse nature before you ride on it.

This commentary will assist you in knowing all the details for riding if you are a newbie in this activity. So, let us begin!

Begin To Ride A Horse With Proper Equipment

You must be equipped with all the required essential equipment before mounting on a horse. You have a proper set of footwear, pants, and shirts. Do not wear any accessories that would create a disturbance or get tangled into the reins or any other parts of the horse while riding. Do not wear long scarves type of clothes as they may cover your horse face and may thus lead to an accident.

Make use of helmets, leg pads, and other such accessories for your safety.

Establish A Good Relationship Before You Ride A Horse

A Horse is an animal that has feelings and emotions. Do not think that horse riding is just like riding any vehicle. It is a bond that you need to make strong before you mount any horse. As we all humans feel insecure to stay with an unknown person as long as we are familiar with their behavior and thoughts, the same is the case with horses. They feel insecure when they meet any unknown rider.

When you greet them and spend some time in sharing each other’s feelings, you can initiate a relationship that will enable you to establish a concord between you and your horse.

Be Confident While Mounting

Horses are skilled to get mounted on. They are habitual of mounting experience with their respective riders. They can feel uncomfortable when you mount the horse with stress or fear.

Horses are trained to mount from the left side and so, start with putting your left foot inside the stirrup and push yourself up, holding the reins swinging your right left smoothly. Don’t put the burden of your hands and body weight for balance on either side of the horse. This may hurt it. You can hold his back until you get a balance on the seat.

You can take the help of any guide for mounting so that he will assist you by holding the head of the horse.

Sit Straight And Do Not Crouch

How To Ride A Horse For The Very First Time
How To Ride a Horse For The Very First Time?

When you are riding for the first time, you must ensure that you and horse both are comfortable to start riding with each other. You should not think about riding it like a pro unless and until you are well acquainted with the technicalities of the ride.

You must have a proper posture while mounting on a horse. You must sit straight and in a relaxed position with both the reins in your hands and foot in the stirrup. Ensure that you hold the reins very gently. Hard handling of reins

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