How To Shop For Western Horse Riding Clothing

western horse riding clothing

When riding western horseback boots, you will want the most comfortable attire possible. Western wear is designed to protect and to comfort the rider during a long journey through the woods or underbrush. These boots come in a variety of styles with a wide array of choices in materials and colors. You will want your chosen western wear to be sturdy enough to handle the long hours of time spent on your horse, yet still look great and feel wonderful on your feet.

An Overview

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When you are making your choice in western riding apparel, there are many choices out there for you to choose from. Western wear tends to be made of the finest materials, such as cowhide leather and suede. You can choose from western riding jackets, shirts, pants, boots, and leggings. All of these items will add a little bit of uniqueness and character to your riding experiences.

If you are starting out on your trip, it may be wise to invest in western riding clothing that is more basic. There is no need to purchase a complete western outfit when you are just getting started. Most of what you will need is western riding boots. These boots will protect your feet while also allowing you to make the most of the natural movement of your legs while riding. You should also invest in a top for yourself.

Western Horse Riding Clothing

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Western riding apparel will usually consist of a shirt with a belt and corduroy cuffs. The top that you choose does not need to be overly decorated or overly expensive. The top simply needs to comfortably fit over your head, and it must have enough room for your hands and neck to move freely. It is recommended that you choose western riding chaps instead of regular pants. They will provide extra protection against falls, and they are generally much less expensive than riding pants.

Once you have your western wear, you will want to get some fun western riding clothes that you can use during your time off riding. A great way to wear western wear while still having fun is to pair it with a simple pair of jeans. Many people mistakenly assume that wearing jeans while riding is not allowed, but it is actually very common. You can find many different styles and colors of jeans that fit this description.

To complete your western riding clothing, you will want to purchase a cowboy hat. Not only will this provide you with a classic look, but it will help keep your ears safe from the prickly twigs that can occasionally break off of a tree branch in the west. You can find western riding hats at almost any store that sells western apparel. When buying a hat, be sure that you get one that is the correct size, as you do not want to try to shave your head.

In The End

Western wear can be found in most any department store that sells western apparel. If you cannot locate western riding clothing, there are always plenty of western stores near your home. If you prefer to shop online, you can find a variety of western riding outfits and western wear at many different websites. Western wear is a great way to dress up for a night out on the town or to simply make yourself look adventurous and interesting. Find a style that suits you and enjoy wearing your western riding outfit.

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