How To Train Foals: Know The Basics -

How To Train Foals: Know The Basics

How To Train Foals: Know The Basics

Every new horse owner should realize that having ponies means having certain responsibilities. If you don’t have money to let an expert trainer give your foal pet obedience classes, do not worry. You can actually engage in training young horses (specifically your pony) yourself. The following are information and techniques that answer the question of how to train ponies that are worth to employ:

How To Train Foals: Know The Basics
How To Train Foals: Know The Basics

Things To Know: Train Foals

If you are talking about a young horse, then you will come across words like foal, colt, and filly. These terms are standard for people who deal with a horse daily.

A young horse or baby horse whose gender is not specified is commonly called a foal. However, a young male horse is known as a colt, and the female horse is a filly. They are called with these names unless their owner gives them real names.

What Should Be The Schedule To Train Foals?

The first year of the foal is to groom them and teach them to stay in one place after you tie them. Some horses might try to rebel against the tie, but they learn, gradually. When they grow past one year, you need to start training your horse to keep the saddle on its back. After they become a young horse, you should begin to introduce weight.

How To Start The Training Of Foals?

How To Train Foals: Know The Basics
How To Train Foals: Know The Basics

If you want to know how you can train foals, you need to start with something simple. You cannot just load a lot of weight on a baby horse as it may not be strong enough to bear it.

  • Start with the basics. If you want to train a foal, you need to start with basics, like teaching them to behave and tie them to a particular place so that they do not move around.
  • Train to handle saddle. You will also have to saddle them when they grow up. They are not capable of handling a seat in the beginning, but they will learn slowly. It will train them to keep the saddle on themselves even if they like it or not.
  • Increase weights slowly. You only introduce some weight to your horse when you see that they have enough muscles to support it. Never burden your horse with heavyweight, which is never a good thing for them.

These are some of the things which can help you to understand the training of foals. Most experts say that training the horse from a young age will help the rider to get better control. Hence, it all depends on how you want to groom your horse, whether to use them for the race or any other purpose.

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