Learn How To Ride A Horse In Easy Steps

A brown horse standing on top of a grass covered field

Do you want to know how to ride a horse safely? Riding a horse is one of the most popular and adventurous physical sports. So, if you think that you can learn horse riding by watching videos, books, websites, etc., it’s not right , and also can be risky for you. An excellent way to ride a horse is under the guidance of a coach or instructor. They teach you in the best way and tell you about your mistakes and encourage you.

Here we tell you how to ride a horse step by step, and each step requires a level of time, patience, determination, etc., to become a good horse rider.

Horse Riding Safety Tips :

A close up of a horse

Before horse riding, you should keep these safety tips in your mind-

1. Wearing proper riding boots.

2. Wearing riding equipment.

3. Wearing a helmet to protect your head.

4. Learn to do an emergency stop.

5. Learn how to fall safely.

6. In the beginning, try to go horse riding with someone.

7. If you are riding a horse in a group, make a minimum distance.

Above we will tell you some safety tips for horse riding, hope that they may be useful for you. Now let’s explore how to get on a horse:

How To Get On A Horse:

A horse standing on top of a grass covered field

If it is your first ride, then the first thing you learn is how to get on a horse. If you follow our tips, you will know that getting on a horse is simpler than we think. With practice, you can become a good rider.

1. Someone holds your horse when you get on your horse.

2. Always check the saddle and snug fit nicely; otherwise, it will roll when trying to get on.

3. Before mounting on the horse, you should stand on the left side of the horse.

4. Hold the reins in your left hand in front of the saddle but hold them loose.

5. Put your right hand on the saddle and your left hand on the horse’s neck.

6. Place your left leg in the stirrup, and also put your weight on the left leg in a standing position.

7. Place your right leg on the horse rump carefully not to kick their mistake.

 Follow our above tips, so you mount on the horse successfully.

How To Stop A Horse:

 Stopping a horse is one of the critical conditions in horse riding, and for your safety, it is essential to know how to stop a horse while horse riding. Firstly you need to slow down the speed of the horse before you can stop them.

 Firstly, you put your weight into the saddle and move your legs. Because of this, the horse knows that you want to slow them. On saying “whoa” in your familiar and calm voice and pulling back the reins, the horse will stop. When your horse stops, release the reins and give a reward as a friendly pat on his neck.


Riding is a physical sport and believe us it is one of the most exciting experiences. But it requires proper training too. So, you should know about all the safety measures, proper signals, and how to stop and mount on a horse before horse riding.

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