Mens Horse Riding Clothes – What To Look For In Men’s Saddle Clothing

mens horse riding clothes

If you are a beginner rider then it can be very helpful to develop some of these habits and dress before going on your first ride. If you already know what type of riding you are going to do then you are likely to have developed certain attitudes and a certain style. The aim of this article is to describe some of the different types of clothing a man should wear on his rides.

Rider’s Personal Style And Preferences

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Every rider has his own personal style and preferences. Most riders like to go with something a bit more formal than the average biker. This could be in the form of riding trousers or riding jackets. These are usually made from leather which is much more durable and looks better too.

You should never wear jeans when riding. Unless you have had some training at the gym, you don’t want to get them wet through the night. Jodphurs are great if you do end up getting a puncture. They can also help to keep warm on a cold day.

When buying your riding trousers, you need to look for a pair that are rugged and durable. You need to have a pair that will keep you warm, dry and look good. Thick leather is a good material to look for. Look for breathable material so that they don’t hold in moisture.

Wide Brimmed Hat

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For your helmet, a wide brimmed hat is advisable. The hat should have a wide brim so that it doesn’t fog up on a hot day. Mens riding clothes don’t come cheap, so you should treat them well. You can find some very good deals by shopping online as often you can compare prices and find good deals.

For the boots you will be looking for something that will provide protection from the ground and injuries. They should also be waterproof to help with your comfort on the riding day. Look for boots that are manufactured out of soft leather. This material is lightweight but durable. They will protect your feet from nasty falls.

Consider Your Clothing Too

You will also need to take a look at your clothing. Make sure that you are wearing a shirt that has plenty of room to move around in. It should also be comfortable. Mens shirts tend to have better fits than ladies’ shirts and can be more comfortable for riding. If you aren’t comfortable in a particular shirt, then you can probably find a men’s shirt that is more suitable for the riding conditions.

Final Words

As you can see, choosing your men horse riding clothes is more than just picking a plain t-shirt. You will be putting a lot of pressure on these items and so it’s best to choose quality items with plenty of features. Your riding should be enjoyable and rewarding, so make sure that your clothes do the job!

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