Military Of The Past Cavalry?

Military Of The Past - What Is Cavalry?

Do you know about the military of the past? “Gone are the glorious days of wars, with the soldiers and the cavalry charge, all that is left here is the march of the poor warriors!”. Hence, the imperial days and its way of waging war give us goosebumps. But, sooner or later, they were to end. However, our interest in them remains the same.

Let’s Delve Deeper!

The word cavalry derives from the similar-sounding French word “cavalerie,” and “cheval” is the name for a horse. Cavalry were horsemen who fought while mounted on horsebacks. They were strategically important for an army in a battle, because all the other forces seem grounded. Thus, the mobility of cavalry was immensely advantageous. 

In an army, you can say “cavalry” to denote the soldiers only on horsebacks. Interestingly, you cannot use the same word to indicate the other forces on any other animals like camels, elephants, or mules.

Military Of The Past - What Is Cavalry?
Military Of The Past – What Is Cavalry?

Cavalry – The Military Of The Past

When wars involving became mainstream, the armies rooted in the cavalries to win battles. There are several designations, even for the cavalry units. The prominent among them are cavalryman, horseman, trooper, and dragoon.

If you may think that the word “cavalry” are the forces from a distant past, then it is not the case. Even in the modern-day wars, you will find cavalry, but the meaning has changed over the years. The word denotes the combat arm of the armed forces in the present age. Thus, no one will call you names or guess you to be an old brute if you talk about cavalry.

Cavalry And Infantry – What Is The Confusion?

Most of us wrongly mean the foot soldiers as “infantry,” while when we say “cavalry,” we mean the mounted soldiers. However, this is utterly wrong. These two words are entirely different when it comes to a battlefield.

Military Of The Past - What Is Cavalry?
Military Of The Past – What Is Cavalry?

The central unit which fights in an army is the infantry of the military. However, if you say cavalry, it will signify the specialized soldiers with additional powers of mobility and decisive striking. 

The Cavalry Meaning Is Different To Calvary

Cavalry is one of the most commonly misspelled words in the English language. A bevy of people confuses the word “cavalry” with “calvary.” The latter means crucifixion in the open. It also involves extensive torture, whereas the former spark up images of the soldiers mounted on horsebacks.

We have seen it on multiple occasions how these two words puzzle thousands of people. They make this mistake only in verbal communications. However, in the written ones, they magically correct themselves.

Horse Riding Military Men – High Status Enjoyed!

Cavalry is outright glorious on the battlefield. It symbolizes class and skill. Half of the army’s reputation comes from the cavalrymen it keeps. From the ancient times to the 20th century, heavy cavalry horses added in the glamour quotient for an army. 

Cavalrymen mean a considerable expense. Still, it always distinguishes an army from what we see them now. Moreover, history is filled with numerous such cavalrymen behind countless victories in wars. Thus, they will enjoy a particular corner forever in our hearts. 

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