Miniature Horses

Miniature Horses: Things to Know About Them

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of buying an animal? Usually, we think of dogs. Have you given thought to the use of miniature horses? The number of miniature horses as guide animals has steadily risen since 1999. These horses have many characteristics that make them ideal guide animals.

A miniature horse is famous due to its short height. You can find these horses in America and Europe where they are quite popular. The heigh of these horses depend on their breed and their height averages between 34-38 inch.

Miniature horses are raised to be friendly and to happily meet new people. Some persons also buy a small horse to keep them as a pet because of their intimate nature. You might notice that these animals always have a likable behavior, which means they have good instincts. Hence, you should be careful not to make them angry, or scare them, as they may retaliate.

Miniature Horses: Things to Know About Them
Miniature Horses: Things to Know About Them

Characteristics Of Miniature Horses

In the United States, you can find two types of miniature horses. They thus received the official title of a different horse breed in the year 1978. Many organizations related to the horse association are attached to the American association. Some organizations promote the breeding of such horses as a pony, while others want them to be treated like a horse.

There are also some issues that you might find in these small horses, as compared to the average ones. One of the most common problems is overfeeding them, which can cause obesity problems. So you need to be careful about the diet and nutritional requirements of a small horse.

What Are The Uses Of Miniature Horses?

If you are buying a miniature horse, then you should learn about the various shows organized for them. You can even participate in these horse shows. Moreover, you might stand a chance to win the competition. There are multiple types of events in which you can take part along with your horse. You may, therefore, know that the horses can be used as pets for your children, because of their friendly nature.

  • Halter
  • In-hand hunter and jumper
  • Driving
  • Liberty
  • Costume
  • Obstacle
  • Showmanship

These are some of the miniature horse shows in which you can take part in. You need to train your miniature horses for the competition so that they become eligible to receive a portion of it. However, most people buy a small horse to keep them as a pet for their children. 

Miniature Horses: Things to Know About Them
Miniature Horses: Things to Know About Them

Is Miniature Horse And Pony The Same?

If you also think whether miniature horses are a pony or a horse, then you are not alone. There is currently a debate going on this topic, whether it should be classified as a pony or a horse. Hence, when you compare it with the height, then it can be classified as a pony. But it does have characteristics of a horse. You can find some miniature horses that have the features of a pony. However, it is still debatable that they are eventually a horse. Furthermore, there are various names given to a small horse, and they are sometimes named based on their breed. 

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