Owning An Arabian Horse Breed

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Arabian Horse Breed is one of the ancient breeds that is recognized all over the world. The history of this breed starts from the deserts of the Arabian Peninsula. This breed was known for its stamina, endurance, and bravery. During the war times, this breed was trained and bred by the Bedouins in the Arabian Peninsula.

In the equine world, these horses are recognized facilely with their pint-sized eminence, tail demeanor, charming looks, and bright eyes. Along with this visage, the horse is recognized universally for its intelligence, subtlety, and nobility.

Bedouins are purely responsible for maintaining the immaculateness of the breed. Now, these champs deliver their athletic vitalities in various disciplines from Western to English.

If you are searching for a horse who will be your companion in every competition or adventure you do, the Arabian breed may be the one you are searching for.

So, how to care for these warriors?

Ways To Care Arabian Horse Breed

Arabian Horses need shelter in a barn halt, large fields to meadow around, drinking water source, proper health care, and feeding as per the body weight and requirement. Along with this, they need to do physical exercises in order to retain the stamina and power throughout the day. You also need to take care of their hoof, mane, and coat (fur on the body).


Owning an Arabian Horse Breed

The Arabian breeds need large pastures and larger areas to meadow and forage all over. Make tall fencing out of wooden or metal and always make sure that the pasture is not muddy and watery. This may lead to mess all over the pasture where your champ may feel fidgety.

Shelters can be even Trees or Sheds. Shelters for Horses should be made clean regularly. Cleaning their feces, leftover foods, and contaminated water (if collected) should be properly cleared and cleaned.

Feeding And Watering Your Arabian Horse Breed

Food Items for Arabian Horse includes

  • Grass Hay
  • Irrigated pasture
  • Grains like oats, barley, and corn

You must feed your horse according to its body weight. It should be approximately 1 to 1.5 of the total body weight of the horse.

Feed your horse clean and freshwater. Every horse needs water depending on their physical activity and the weather just like we all humans. Hence you must feed your horse according to the weather. In summer, they may require more water than average days.

Normally, Arabian horses drink 7 to 10 gallons of water per day.

Physical Fitness Of Your Horse

Your Horse must be physically fit to survive in any harsh weather and conditions. Prevent your horse from being obese. You should take your horse out of the barn daily to exercise. You must encourage it to stimulate out in the fields.

Extra cardio exercises can be done by lunging it from the field or any landscape. Horse ball-like toys are available in the market to engage your horses in physical activities.

Grooming Your Horse Breed

Owning an Arabian Horse Breed

Grooming your horse includes dusting the dirt from the fur on the body surface, bony areas like shoulders, hip, and legs should be properly curried.

Use rubber comb for fur cleaning and currying instead of metal or any other material. This may irritate your horse and cause discomfort.

These are some basic care steps that you need to do regularly. Apart from this, if you want to know anything more about horse care and maintenance please comment in the comment section below so that we can light upon the issue in our upcoming commentary.

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