Pony Facts: Few Facts That Will Amaze You

Pony Facts: Few Facts that will Amaze You

Have you ever seen Pony on any farm or any entertainment zone for children?

Generally, Ponies are brought in many places like kid’s parties or so for their entertainment and pleasure. It is like a dream toy for almost all children. Its short legs and the hairy appearance draw kid’s attention towards it.

The difference between the horse and pony is – the height of Horse is greater than 14.3 hands whereas Pony’s height is smaller than that. Ponies are hairy than horses and also have a thick tail than that of horses. Kids are very much attracted to Pony as they enjoy riding on it and find it absolutely friendly and companionable.

There are some interesting things about Pony that many of you might not have heard before. Let us start with some of them:

Pony Facts About Life

Pony Facts: Few Facts That Will Amaze You
Pony Facts: Few Facts that will Amaze You

Do you know that Pony lives a longer life than that of horses? According to some researchers, horses run faster and that Pony can’t and hence their lifespan is greater than that of horses. Also during exercise or running ponies breathe more efficiently than horses.

Pony Can Sleep In Any Position

It is said that Pony and all other horses can sleep in standing as well as sitting position. Whenever they need deep sleep they relax in a sitting position and lay down their head and sleep.

Ponies Are Colorblind

Usually, it is said by many that ponies are colorblind and they cannot see the colorful environment surrounding them. But this is not true, as they can be seen grazing and enjoying in the blossoms of colorful environments.

Pony Facts About Breeds

One of the breeds of Ponies named Newfoundland were known for being used in farms that performed all sort of jobs during farming. These are the only unique breed that is used in farms and are under the top 10 horses nominated so far.

Another breed named Shetland pony is another breed that is most favored by kids and all others in Scotland.  These breeds can also live a greater life that is more than 30 years.

Pony Facts About Strength

It is assumed that- despite their small sizes and tiny legs they can carry most of their own weight and are powerful and strong than other horses. They are very good and impressive in agriculture and travel utilities.

Ponies are also smart and friendly. Along with this, they are obstinate and intelligent.

Pony Cost

Pony Facts: Few Facts That Will Amaze You
Pony Facts: Few Facts that will Amaze You

Although they are short and tiny their cost is not small. They are quite high in demand and are thus very costly. Their cost can be greater even than that of horses. Also being loved by kids they are in high demand.

You Can’t Do This To Pony

This is very true about Pony and also about other horses that if they are not thirsty and you are making them to drink-they will not. Ponies drink water only when they feel the thirst. Ponies can drink 25 to 30 gallons of water every day.

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