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Are you interested in making some decorative stuff at your home? You can go for various other ideas to decorate your notebook or your project. But using some stamps can be the best way to print on your object. You can use these rubber feather stamps, which you can use to put an impression. It will look vintage and more decorative instead of drawing the feather on the paper or notebook. While making any craft or any home decorative item, you can use this stamp to put a nice colorful feather on it. These stamps can be used with any color and can be reused many times.

These stamps are made up of silicone and rubber material. It is very flexible and can leave a complete impression on your craft. You can find various feather designs from which you can choose the best one you want to use. You would get a total of 12 feather stamps in the set to use. They are all of different sizes, designs, or styles. You can use these feathers while making a gift card for someone or get a lovely decorative scrapbook. Kids can use these stamps for their project work or any art and craft thing. You can get this amazing feather stamp to decorate.


·         Use             Decoration

·         Model Number    XXX

·         Type             Scrapbooking Stamp

·         Product            Feather Stamp

·         Material          Silicone

·         Size             160 x 110mm per

·         Weight              Approx 25gsm

·         For              Scrapbooking, card making, altered art, and more.

·         Item Condition    Brand New

·         Place of Origin    Zhejiang China (Mainland)

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Pros Of Having A Feather Stamp

·         These stamps are portable, and they can be cleaned easily.

·         These stamps are very easy to use, you have to dip them in ink simply, and now you are ready to put an impression.

·         You can store these stamps for a very long time, and they will stay in good shape.

·         You can use these stamps to create a perfect or near to perfect impression every time you use them.

·         You can make up to more than 50000 impressions from these feather stamps.

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Cons Of Having A Feather Stamp

·         While putting the impression, you have to make sure that you apply proper pressure on the stamp to get a perfect impression.

·         If you are using the stamp the first time, it can be hard for you to re-ink it. 


Using these feather stamps can be one of the important tools you can use if you are a DIY enthusiast. You might get several ideas every day, and you can use these stamps over there. These are very reliable and durable stamps to use for a longer time. You would not need any special talent to get a nice impression out of that stamp. You should just have excellent practice to use these stamps. These feather stamps you can use on various inks and different colors of your choice. You can be very creative with these feather stamps and make so many things to decorate your home or give someone a special gift.

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