Ride Horse Safely – 5 Tips To Remember

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What comes to your mind when we talk about horse riding? Some of us would draw the image of a prince riding an enchantingly dark horse across the mist of clouds. Some would imagine a bohemian rider in his cowboy hat and a harness in hand storming across the Arabian deserts. But these are merely fascinating images from the pages of old novels. In reality, horse riding is a pretty challenging deal. You need to get through a whole lot of research on how to ride a horse safely.

In this generation of racing cars and bikes, horse riding may seem quite an old school thing. However, if you find yourself a fascinated lover of horse riding, this article is your place. Here we’ll guide you with 5 tips on how to ride a horse safely and yet enjoy every bit of the thrill. Read on.

Ride Horse Safely – 5 Tips To Remember
Ride Horse Safely – 5 Tips To Remember

Choose The Right Horse For Your Rides

Needless to mention, horse riding can be dangerous if you don’t find the right one for you. Every person has different inhibitions and physical inabilities. It’s fine to turn your horse riding dream into a reality.

But, without proper research and without choosing the right horse, it’s all a mess. Therefore, ride a horse safely by choosing the one according to your own height and abilities. You can even seek out for guidance while buying your wild companion.

Ride Horse Safely With A Guide

Honestly speaking, horses are the most unpredictable of all the animals. They can ride you through heaven or land you into the hell, depending on their mood. Therefore, you should not venture with a horse alone. Especially, if you are a newbie in this business it’s a good idea to hire a coach.

You’ll go baffled dealing with the speed of the horse during initial days. If only with a proper guide, you’ll enjoy the wild ride. Otherwise, this horse riding may find you in trouble and get you injured severely.

Save Your Head With A Proper Helmet

Who doesn’t know that the most important part of the body is your head? Therefore, you must be absolutely conscious and safe-guard your head with the right kind of helmet. If you hire an experienced instructor he’ll tell you about the probable body parts that are injury-prone.

Reports say that riders mostly die of head injury. Hence, your regular biking helmet is not going to help you with safety. Ride horse safely with the helmet recommended by experts.

Ride Horse Safely With Well Fit Equipments

Read extensively about the equipment that you need to ride horses safely. Initially, this learning process may seem tiring to be accustomed to. But eventually, when you get on with your horse and understand his attitude, things will turn easy.

Ride Horse Safely – 5 Tips To Remember
Ride Horse Safely – 5 Tips To Remember

However, you must have the saddle well fit and padded properly. The stirrup pair should be of the right length so that you don’t find it difficult to ride. Prepare your horse tack absolutely well with a halter, bridle, a harness with a good grip, and horse riding boots.

Mind Your Age And Flexibility

Finally, the most important factor is to keep in mind your age and body flexibility. We know the adrenaline rush and the thrill that drives you into horse riding. We understand the feeling of living life on the edge.

But, you need to consider your capabilities too. Don’t indulge in horse riding if you are old or a kid. Refrain from hardcore riding if you have heart disease. Try safety measures if your body isn’t flexible enough. Otherwise, you’ll invite unnecessary injuries.

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