Shires Horse Riding Clothing – Go Western This Season

shires horse riding clothing

Shires hold an experience of over 50-years in the field of designing equestrian products for the horses as well as the riders. A small company started by Malcolm Ainge in 1968, now has its royal presence as it supplies the Queen with the attires since 2009. It provides clothing through many brands available with it. You can learn more about Shires horse riding clothing by the below-mentioned points.

Horse And Other Pet Shires Horse Riding Clothing

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All the variants and necessary apparels for horses are available with the Shires. The company has now expanded its presence by providing clothing for other pets like dogs as well. The company’s base lies with providing horse-related products, and it specializes in those variants like horse rugs, horse boots, its saddler, including saddle cloths and pads, head collars, and lead ropes.

The products come with heterogeneities of rugs like turnout rugs that provide full coverage to the horse’s body, light-weight fly rugs, stable rugs, and other cooler and stretch rugs accompanied by rug accessories, exercise sheets, and rug care. Similarly, different types of saddle cloths and saddlery like bridles, girths, martingales & breastplates, a variety of horse boots, and health and grooming products muzzles, etc., to protect the horses from mishappenings. It also provides accessories like dog collars, dog coats, dog beds, and other grooming products.

Rider Clothing

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The Shires have diversified into providing horse riding apparel for men, women, and children. It also offers other accessories like boots and hats and ensures the horse rider’s safety with body protectors and covers. There are different clothing types available like legwear, competition jackets and shirts, and outerwear for ladies, gents, and children. Base layer, cross country jackets, innerwear, casual wear, different types of legwear like breeches, tights, etc., are available for ladies and children. Footwear and accessories also have a wide variety like riding boots, leisure footwear, special boots for children, country boots, socks, etc. The rider and their safety are of prime importance; thus, hat covers, gloves, and belts are also made available by the Shires.

Shires Horse Riding Clothing And Yard Equipment

The various types of yard equipment like hay nets and hay bags, horse feeding buckets and bowls, treats and toys for horse and dogs; hooks, saddle racks, bridle racks, manure scoop and rake sets for collecting the manure left by horses and dogs; types of arena equipment to help train your horses for perfect riding, etc. are delivered by the Shires making it a complete package of horse riding for the riders.


Horse riding is once a lifetime experience and would be a memorable one for you when done safely and correctly. A thin layer of clothing is suggested for first-time riders as you can adjust your clothing as per the weather life. If it’s cold, you can add extra layers, and likewise, if warm, you can remove those different layers. The Shires help the riders find their perfect attire for horse riding and make sure to take care of the appearance and dress of the horse along with types of equipment to support the ride to make it safe and joyful.

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