Shopping for Western Horse Riding Boots

western horse riding boots

Just as you want the very best equipment for your work, you also want the proper western horse riding boots for it. There are several kinds of western riding boots to look forward to for horse riding. But probably the most famed pair, featuring a very high rise, usually up to the ankle, to prevent unnecessary bruising to the lower leg of the rider in any kind of horse riding activity. Such boots also offer extra protection to your shins and the lower back part of your thighs.

Western Horse Riding Boots

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It’s a must that you get yourself a pair of comfortable boots. They are designed with great comfort and support to provide the utmost comfort to your tired legs and feet. This is just what the rider must have when he has spent hours on his horse. The more comfortable he becomes, the more relaxed and content he will be, and the more relaxed the horse would be on his stable, the more fun the whole experience will be.

Western boots come in two different kinds. One is called tall boots, and the other is called classic boots. As the name suggests, the tall boots feature the rider’s leg hanging over the top of the heel of the boot. The classic one, on the other hand, features the rider’s leg tightly fitting on the sole of the shoe. Thus, tall boots have a much better grip.

Tips For Purchasing Western Horse Riding Boots

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If you go for tall boots, make sure they fit you well. You may try the 1-inch heel or even less, but the key is that you should not have any kind of trouble with them. Of course, you can purchase boots of any size from any store or online. For a classic appearance, choose boots that feature elaborate decorative touches such as decorative zippers or laces. If possible, choose a color that matches your western shirt.

Western boots are made of high-quality leather. However, there are some boots that are made of lower quality leather, which is still of top quality when it comes to comfort and grip. However, make sure that you only choose boots with a good grip. It is best to buy boots that have a good grip, as well as having long-lasting durability.

Western riding footwear differs from equestrian boots in many ways. In addition to the fact that they are often designed to give the wearer more comfort and flexibility, Western boots also look good. Western boots are available in both tall and short styles. A tall style is suitable for men and women who need extra height. However, men should choose Western boots that have a bit of a stubby toe. Also, if you want your footwear to match your pants, a great option is half-boots.

Things To Consider

Half-boots are a great alternative to Western riding boots. These boots have a very small heel and are fitted with a leather shaft. This allows the rider to flex his legs and feet without bending the shaft. Half-boots are fitted with either a short or long shaft and are available in different sizes. A half-boot is a suitable choice if you want something that’s light and comfortable while providing you with the same level of flexibility as a tall boot.

Bottom Line

You also need to check the price and make sure that you are getting your money’s worth when buying Western horse riding boots. A cheaper pair may end up being too uncomfortable after a while. As you probably know, the comfort level of any boot is directly related to how much you spend on them. For that reason, it is a good idea to do some research before you make a purchase. When it comes to buying boots, make sure you always pay attention to comfort, as comfort is a key factor in buying a quality product.

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