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State Line Tack is at the front and center of the horse’s purchases and sales. If you want to get a horse, you’ll probably ask your local horse dealer, or you may simply Google.

But it’s always the same. All people have a friend who tries to persuade you to buy from a horse dealer and suggests you go through a private vendor. They will comment with a horror story about when their second cousin’s friend’s daughter tried to use a horse trader more than ten years ago.

In truth, there are some advantages in buying a horse through a horse dealer over a private seller; 5 of them are here.

Different Horses

State Line Tack will have several horses, which you can test to suit your criteria with various ages, heights, and talents. You can also give something different after trying the horses you thought may tick your boxes.

Increased Legal Protection For Horse Buyers

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You will obtain an additional level of protection under the Consumer Rights Act 2015 if you opt to purchase a horse from the State Line Tack. If the horse is unsatisfactory in quality, does not fit for purpose, or does not meet the description of the purchaser, you have the legal right, within 30 days, to return the horse and to request a refund or similar.

Easy Background Inspections On Horse Sellers

When you buy from a private seller, it can be difficult to grasp from whom you acquire the horse properly. This may be their first and only sale of horses, so they have no record, or you can talk to prior buyers to measure them to the full.

In contrast, State Line Tack has a website and a Facebook page, making it relatively easy to understand its origins. You may even check out reviews from former clients on Facebook.

Experienced Riders

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If it’s your first time buying a horse and selling a horse the first time, how do you know the price at which they sell is fair and precise?

State Line Tack regularly buys and sells various types of horses. It is their responsibility to know them inside of the market. Especially for young horses with so much opportunity for mental and physical development, a great deal of prices depend on the potential that is tough to estimate – especially when it’s your first time.

Swap Your Current Horse

Just like a garage exchanging your old automobile, State Line Tack  would do the same when you acquire a new one. 

If you sell your present horse, State Line Tack may include an exchange as part of the price. Horse dealers purchase and sell horses, which means they can help your present horse find a new home with another horse.


State Line Tack is the professional backbone of the equestrian purchasing and selling market. They offer a market, legal protection, diversity and your next four-legged companion, perhaps!

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