The 3 Ultimate Beginner Horse Riding Tips

beginner horse riding tips

Have you just started with horse riding or want to start and are confused with loads of information available? Are you tired of all futile beginner’s horse riding tips that just upset you? Perhaps you may have started wondering if these tips actually work. Don’t worry journey of being a horse rider comes with its own set of challenges, and we all are beginners at some point. And we are here to help you with these ultimate beginner horse riding tips that will work wonders and guide you to be a real horseback rider.

Proven Beginner Horse Riding Tips To Ride Effectively

A man riding a horse on a dirt road

(i) Work On Balance

Balance is the most crucial aspect of horse riding. The first step is to work on balance. The ultimate beginner’s horse riding tip for balance is you should never depend only on stirrups, a comfy saddle, or reins but your coordination with the horse. The two proven exercises will help you stay on horseback. The first step is to calm down and try to get familiar with how the horse moves beneath you. Once you get accustomed to the rhythm, practice to ride them bareback. It will help you to make an outstanding balance.

(ii)Look Up

The most common mistake of a beginner is that they either look at the horse’s mane or their hands. So to look up is probably the most popular beginner’s horse riding tip. That is understandable also whenever you have just started to use reins and to maneuver the horse. The simple reason to look up, which you may have probably guessed until now, is to know where you are heading. The other reason is horses can feel your body movement when you are sitting at its back. Looking up helps the horse to understand you better and move in a straight path. It is a beginner’s horse riding tip that solves one of the most common problems, i.e., having difficulty making a horse move forward.

(iii)Keep Your Weight In Your Heels

Do you know about beginners’ horse riding tips that will make you feel secure on horseback? It just keeps your weight in your heels. It helps you align your legs properly on the horse’s side and firmly be on the saddle. This beginner’s horse riding tip will also solve another most common sliding issue out of the stirrup.


A person riding a horse

Apart from these beginner’s horse riding tips, always understand the horse’s temperament, and don’t forget to listen carefully to your instructors. Horses tend to show different kinds of behavior, and sometimes they may not listen to you. For this problem, the pro beginner’s horse riding tip is you need to be assertive with your horse. Horses tend to show a different behavior, so the only secret is always observing them and doing research about them.

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