The Best Learning Tips For Horse Riding Tales For Amateurs

A person riding a horse jumping over a fence

Horse riding tales are among the most selling games on Steam, and many youngsters have stopped playing PUBG for this game. This is not something where you’ll earn rewards, kill your opponents, like all the other multiplayer games. Horse riding tales isn’t the best game you can engage in for hours and hours, but a good stress buster for youngsters. 

Nevertheless, this game’s primary or mini version is also available on the Google Play Store and App Store. This is a good horse game that you can play on your personal computer. Today, in this post, we’ll mention the best tips for horse riding tales for beginners. 

Learn About The Horses And Visuals

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Believe it or not, to know the popularity of Horse riding tales, you can visit the Steam platform and check the reviews. This is one of the rarest games that is oversold, and the stocks are not available. Horse riding tales is an upgraded version of My Riding Stables (2018). 

The major reason for this game’s popularity is the animations and graphics. Yes, the animations and graphics look pretty cartoony, and nothing is fascinating. But you’ll find the horses and other visuals are pretty realistic when you play this game. The footballs and other elements are based on 3D illustrations, and they are 100% customizable according to your requirements. 

Nevertheless, the strange thing is even after adding realistic graphics and animations; the cartoony touch is still present. So, you can just give a try to this game and see whether you feel the animations compelling or not. 

Story And Quests

A brown horse in a field

Once, you enter this game, you get a basic horse which no accessories, gems, and coins. As you progress further in the story, you earn accessories and other luxury items to complete the missions. 

Initially, in the game, you first learn about how to do horse riding, and the quests will guide you to different levels than the actual story. If you have played the My Riding Stables game, the quests are the same with minor graphic changes.

The biggest drawback of this game is the control and riding quality that it lacks sometimes. Controls aren’t easy and very dissimilar to the other games. 

Understand The Interface And Grinding

In our opinion, the PC version of the Horse Riding Tales game is pretty similar to the mobile version. It feels like you’re playing the same game but on the bigger screen. However, the best part of the PC version is you don’t have to press multiple buttons for customizing your gameplay, modify the settings, or change the missions. 

Everything is super handy and present in the left and right hand of your screen. For example, if you want to change the grinding between the gameplay, you need to only press two buttons together, and the changes are made. 

Final Words

Yes, there are certain lags in this game, but we still appreciate the Horse riding tales game. You can’t compare this game with GTA and PUBG series, but you’ll surely recommend this game to your friends. 

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