These 5 Heroic Horses Are Life Savers (#4 Is The Cutest Thing You Will Read Today)

Horses are very special animals. They are empathic and they serve human beings in different fields, like being pets, for entertainment, as a farming companion, as a means of transportation, and more. Their bond with humans is so remarkable that there are different anecdotes of how they’ve saved someone’s life. Here are some heroic horse stories.

Enraged Cow Attacks Farmer, Horse Saves Her Life

A dog that is covered in snow

In 2007, a farmer named Fiona Boyd was rescued by her horse. She was forty years old when this happened. She was leading a baby calf to a shed when the mother of the said calf ferociously attacked her. Fiona was knocked over and the cow continuously attacked her by stomping on her.

She shared that she was absolutely terrified. She rolled into a ball in attempts to protect herself from the blows. Suddenly, her horse named Kerry came to the rescue! The horse repetitively kicked and bucked the cow until it fled.

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