Tips For Beginner Horse Riding

botw horse riding tips

Botw is one of the most famous riding schools in Vietnam. It has many students who love horse riding, and it also provides good knowledge for a horseback rider. You need to follow some basic tips if you want to be a successful beginner in this sport. The aim of this article is to provide you with the best tips for beginner in horse riding.

Choose The Right Place To Practice

A man riding a horse in the snow

When you want to learn about horse riding, you first need to choose the right place where you can practice riding. Do you live in Hanoi? In this city, you will find so many riding schools. You can choose from some of the well-known names such as Trung Nguyen, Dinh Trung, or Dinh Lao.

When choosing a school, you should check whether the teacher is qualified. Is he an expert on riding? If he is, he will be better able to teach you new riding lessons. You should also ask about the experience of the trainer. How many horse riding lessons has he undergone and what were the results?

Before you take the actual lessons, you should learn about the basics. This is a very important aspect of horse riding. You should understand that beginners have the greatest risk. You are vulnerable at all times. You should be very cautious at all times.

The best technique for the beginner is to get some guidance from a friend. He will be able to give you valuable advice. You can also watch some videos online. You can choose from any of them. Most of these videos will provide you with important tips and instructions. Make sure that they focus on safe riding techniques.

As a beginner, you should know the basic things you should do and not do. You should avoid injuries when riding a horse. Always try to ride alone. Never go out alone at night.

Learn To Negotiate The Horse’s Movement

A man riding a horse on a dirt road

Do not push the horse to get him started. Instead, step back a little and let the horse take the lead. The horse will follow you if he is confident that he can. Otherwise, he may get scared and feel unstable.

Try to speak slowly and clearly. Use proper posture so that you can easily get the attention of the other riders. These are just some of the guidelines for a beginner in both.

Before you get on the horse, you need to have some information about it. The first one is about the horse and his abilities. Know his size and ability. This will help you decide which kind of gear you need to wear.

Find Out The Rules Of The Circuit

In this case, it is recommended to bring a lawyer or a guide. He can help you get out of trouble and explain the legalities. It is much better if you will discuss everything beforehand with the owner.

Another thing you should consider is the budget. You can spend wisely or poorly. You should not think that you are in the mood for fun. In fact, you should prepare yourself for hard times and long hours of work. This is how you earn your living.


Just remember that you have to be careful while you are learning. Do not let the beginners to control you. Remember that they do not know anything about discipline. Give them time and patience. As you progress, you will gain more confidence and you will be able to perform better.

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