Tips on Buying Equestrian Apparel

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If you are a horseback rider and looking for the best type of boot to suit your needs, English riding boots should be at the top of your list. There are many varieties available from boots to aed boots that come with different features. They come in various sizes depending on what height you are. And because of their popularity, there are many imitations available as well. So be sure to do some research before buying a saddle shoe for your next trip down the trail.

English riding boots are suitable for people who have a natural inclination towards the sport, people who like the rough look, and people who like to feel the ground beneath their feet. You can find short, English riding boots as well as long riding boots for equestrians. English leather boots are also available for show and training at dressage, long riding, field and polo boots.

An Overview

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The classic Western riding boot is a good choice for show horses, while those used for trail riding are better for the field. These boots are available in full-length and close-fitting styles. For the jumping competitions at the Kentucky Horse Park, western riding boots that are equipped with extra padding at the heel, which make them highly effective as they prevent the horse from slipping on the jumps. The American style with split sole is good for jumping as well as for riding field.

Dressage and jumping competitions require a high quality horse riding boot for both the men and women participating. They are traditionally made of leather and usually accompanied by a matching chaps in bright colors. Dressage boots come in two styles: the half-length, or the show style. Show style boots are trimmed with brides and can be purchased in traditional made from cowhide leather, suede or other such materials, and of course, the traditional leather. The point is to look for a pair that perfectly complements the dress in color and style.

Buying Equestrian Apperal

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Western riding boots are suitable for showing and racing, although they may not be suitable for dressage or jumping. These boots were originally intended for use in hunting since the boots were worn by the early pioneers when they went after wild turkeys and other game. While there are now several synthetic varieties of English riding boots available for show practice, the traditional one is still quite popular among the Western dressage competitors. Some of the synthetics are so closely resemble the genuine article that they are actually indistinguishable from the real thing.

There are numerous manufacturers of show and jump English riding boots. There are also specialized shoe stores that cater to the needs of horse riders. There is no shortage of online stores that sell an extensive range of horse riding gear, including English tall boots.

It is important to get the right size of English boots. If you have too-big sized boots then it is likely to strain your legs, hampering your ability to move quickly on the horse. It is also important that the height of the pair you buy is right for you to prevent strain on your calf muscles.

It is always better to get a pair with a built-in mid-calf support. This will prevent the weight of the mane from being concentrated on the front of the calf and will give your calf some relief from the intense pressure. Many boots will include some sort of mid-calf support, but it is important to make sure it is a built-in part of the pair you buy. English boots with a built-in mid-calf support are usually more stable and sturdy, but there are also shoes with this type of support that include extra reinforcements on the front of the calf to help prevent the weight from being concentrated on the front of the calf and causing pain.

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