To Click Or Not To Click: Armored Cavalry And Blogging

To Click Or Not To Click: Armored Cavalry And Blogging

Armored Cavalry is very much like regular horse mounted units which use mounted fighting vehicles (mounted on the ground) instead of horse. The early cavalry was quite effective because they could move quickly and maneuverable in the thick forests and swamps which were the usual conditions for warfare.

Mounted cavalry became obsolete as the horse mounted units became more prevalent during the 15th century. This was due to the development of a new type of horse called the Mule. Mules, being heavier than horses, would provide a steadier, longer and more mobile horse mounted unit. You can also visit the page

Armored Cavalry Evolved From Mule Cavalry

Armored Cavalry evolved from Mule Cavalry to become the main combat force of many armies, as they were the only unit that could move over the rough terrain. It is often said that the French were probably the first to adopt this type of horse archers.

Some Commonly Known Facts Of Armored Cavalry
Some Commonly Known Facts Of Armored Cavalry

As with all mounted troops, Cavalry must have a mounted commander who will have command of their mounted men and horses. The mounted officer will generally be in command of the entire armored contingent. These officers will generally be mounted in a vehicle such as a vehicle with a tall roof to protect them from the sun. To provide cover for them when traveling long distances in the hot sun. They will have a gun and ammunition for them to use, as well as some form of communication. They will also wear armor to provide more protection against the effects of battle.

The mounted officers will have the ability to command the various elements of their cavalry. They can make decisions about the tactics they are going to employ, and what course of action they should take. If a situation arises where a large number of cavalry have to be brought to the battle line. The mounted officers will call out which forces will be the best to move forward. Or which force will need to remain to protect the main force from enemy fire.

Armored Cavalry Plays A Very Important Role

This is a very important role as it allows the mounted officer to be in command of a larger number of mounted troops. Rather than relying on one horse to lead a smaller group of mounted men.

Another benefit of armor was that it made the mounted soldiers less vulnerable to enemy fire. In some areas the enemy used long-range weaponry to reduce the mobility and effectiveness of the mounted soldiers. The armor made the mounted soldiers more difficult targets because they could no longer move quickly or maneuver quickly.

It also provided additional protection for the soldiers, as it covered their bodies and arms and legs. Armor also reduced the mobility of the enemy’s ability to inflict damage to the mounted troops.

This Type Of Cavalry Was Used By Wealthy And Powerful

Armored Cavalry was very expensive to buy, train and maintain. So the cost was a very heavy factor for the regiments. In addition to being very costly, these forces could not be massed in a battle.

This type of cavalry was usually only used by the wealthy and powerful. These forces generally had a greater mobility advantage than other types of army. As the armor of the Cavalry was quite heavy and bulky. Most of the armor was made of iron or steel.

Some Commonly Known Facts Of Armored Cavalry

When the Romans formed the First Army in 40 A.D, it used mounted armor and wore heavy armor. That made them look like the mounted units of the Mule Cavalry. Their armor was made of bronze or iron, to provide an armor that was very light weight. But highly durable and effective.

Some of the armor on the Mule Cavalry was made of copper-plated steel. This armor was quite effective in defeating armor worn by the Persian, Greek and Carthaginian military forces. But did not compare well with the armor used by the Roman and Greek armored Cavalry.

Heavy And Durable

As the armor on the Mule Cavalry became heavier, the cost became more expensive. The heavier the armor, the more expensive the armor became. As the Romans became more advanced technologically, the armor on their Cavalry became even heavier and more durable. The heavy armor of the Cavalry was the same metal used on the tanks of the Roman Army.

While commonly the Armor of the Cavalry was originally designed to be light and flexible. Over time the armor of the Cavalry became more durable and capable of deflecting the most types of enemy weaponry. Today it is still a very valuable asset for any army.

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