Top 3 Fashionable Horse Riding Helmet Covers

horse riding helmet covers

Western styling horse riding is one of those sports that value tradition more than anything. Perhaps not riding in and of itself is not considered less valuable than wearing helmets but, still, there’s a debate to not wear helmets for the sake of maintaining tradition. Some riders don’t want to wear helmets because they feel that the experience of horseback riding is taken away. Others cannot picture a helmet instead of a cowboy hat in a horseback riding.

The helmet protects the most vital organ of the rider’s body, their heads. So, fashion came forward and designed helmet covers that were the resemblance to traditional cowboy hats while withholding the protective properties of a helmet. So, in this article, we are going to the top three fashionable helmet covers that ended the argument.

The Best of the Best

A man riding a horse drawn carriage

The Troxel Legacy would have to be the number one choice as it is a popular choice for its elegance among the riders and the fans of horseback riding. These helmets are appropriate for the young riders who are just starting to learn. The Troxel Legacy is also a great helmet for riders who want to maintain a smooth profile and value. Moreover, the legacy provides the quality protection of a schooling helmet. Most of the consumers have been satisfied by the youth or small size helmets for people with the small head size or the adolescents.

The Cowboy Hat Helmet

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The whole debate was about adhering to the traditions. The cowboy hat helmets are the best of both worlds. While it looks like a cowboy hat, it does not forego the protective mechanics of a helmet. Most manufacturers make an abundance of helmet covers so that riders can use them in any way they want. The covers are made in such a way that the audience cannot see the protection underneath the large-sized cover of a cowboy hat helmet. “Occunomix Safety Hardhat Cowboy Style” is the most appropriate cover as it is a mix of safety helmet and traditional cowboy hat. If you want to protect yourself from serious injury and still hold onto the horseback riding customs, then these covers are for you.

Modern Equestrian Helmet Covers

Most of the riders think that the modern fashionable equestrian helmets are for beginners or kids. They seem to forget that even the most riders have had accidents with a severe head injury as horses are living, breathing animals with thoughts of their own. Nevertheless, things are improving for the better, and people are starting to understand the importance of helmets and now helmet covers. The equestrian helmet cover has taken the market of horse riding helmet covers as the new fashion statement. Equestrian riding covers have a wide range of most appealing covers from cowboy hat style to the latest all-purpose helmet and covers. They are light, breathable, and eye-catching all at once.


If you do not want yourself seriously hurt or see your loved ones seriously injured then, horse riding helmets are the way to go. However, along with safety, you can also have fun with the new ranges of diverse horse riding helmet covers that suit your mood, style, and tradition of the sport.

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